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  • 10 most Instagrammable locations in south africa

    Most Instagrammable Locations

    August 2019 - Check out First Car Rental's TOP 10 'Most Instagrammable Locations' in South Africa.

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  • Most famous women explorers

    Most Famous Women Explorers

    August 2019 - These amazing Women Explorers who have staked their 'first flags' around the globe. See who they are.

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  • Fascinating facts about South African cities

    10 Fascinating Facts

    July 2019 - Check out our pick of the top 10 most fascinating facts about South Africa's favourite cities.

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  • Sofa safaris in South African cities

    Go on a Sofa Safari

    July 2019 - There's a new kind of safari where the animals come to you. Here's our pick of the best 'Sofa Safaris' in South Africa.

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  • Fun facts about Cape Town

    10 Little-Known Facts about Cape Town

    June 2019 - Think you know everything about the Mother City? Think again. Check out these quirky facts about the Mother City.

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  • Top events in South Africa

    Top 27 Events in May

    May 2019 - Check out First Car Rental's top 27 events across SA.

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  • top 10 most hiking trails

    10 of the Best Hiking Trails in South Africa

    Whether you prefer to hike along rivers or tread up mountains, South Africa has the perfect trail for hikers of any fitness and skill level.

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    top 10 most visited attractions

    First Car Rental's top events in South Africa for April 2019

    Here is First Car Rental's top pick of the best events happening across South Africa from 15th April - to 15th May 2019. With our monthly social calendar, you will never miss out.

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  • 10 mega cool facts about south africa

    10 Mega-Cool Facts about South Africa

    South Africa is amazing but if you need reminding, here are 10 mega-cool facts about South Africa that will make you beam with pride.

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  • top 10 most visited attractions

    Top 10 Most Visited Attractions in South Africa

    As holiday destinations go, South Africa offers its guests a wonderful list of diverse attractions - big-name game reserves, unmatched scenery, world-class facilities and 10 official World Heritage Sites. Here is First Car Rental's list of some of the most visited attractions across the country.

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  • What's on in South Africa

    What's on in South Africa

    Check out First Car Rental's essential calendar to the best festivals, markets and events happening from the 15th of April to the 15th of May 2019 across South Africa.

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  • top 10 travel apps

    Top 10 Travel Apps

    Your smartphone doesn't just help you organise your daily activities; it's a device that can get rid of those common holiday headaches. From helping you find affordable accommodation to picking the best sightseeing spots, the right apps can help improve your overall travel experience. So take a look at First Car Rental's guide to the top 10 travel apps.

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  • Best Road Trip Routes in South Africa

    The Best Road Trip Routes in South Africa

    For those of you who believe that life is about the journey, and not the destination, this is for you - a collection of 10 UNFORGETTABLE Road Trips and Routes to put on your bucket list. South Africa's magnificent landscapes will make memories that will last forever.

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  • Top SA Holiday Destinations

    Top South African Holiday Destinations for 2019

    When planning your next family holiday, why not step off the well-trodden path to a new experience? Here are some vacation options bound to become standout chapters in your family's holiday chronicles.

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  • NYE 2018

    Where to celebrate New Year's Eve 2018

    If you haven't made any plans for New Year's Eve, let First Car Rental help you plan selecting some of the best NYE parties in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban to draw the curtain on 2018.

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  • South Africa

    Top 10 Most-Asked Questions on South Africa

    First Car Rental some of the most frequently asked questions about South Africa - like what do the symbols on the Coat of Arms mean? Who invented the South African Flag? Who first inhabited South Africa?

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  • top sa events

    Top SA events not to miss

    Discover the beauty of our magnificent country by planning a few mini holidays around some of South Africa's top events. Book yourself a flight and car hire, call your mates or surprise your partner and get inspired with these Proudly South African world-class events.

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  • Midlands Meander

    Top 10 Midlands Meander Attractions in KwaZulu-Natal

    October 2018 - In the heart of KwaZulu-Natal, the Midlands Meander is a collection of arranged routes that offer visitors outstanding hospitality and accommodation, fabulous cuisine, exciting outdoor activities and adventure sports, historic landmarks, wildlife conservation, and unique arts and crafts.

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  • Luxury SANParks Lodges

    Top 5 Luxury Lodges in SANParks

    September 2018 - Most of South Africa's National Parks have overnight facilities with a variety of unrivalled accommodation in an array of habitats. To help you experience the best of the country's wildlife, First Car Rental has compiled a list of the Top 5 Luxury Lodges in 5 of South Africa's National Parks

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  • Mpumalanga South Africa

    10 Amazing Places to Visit in Mpumalanga

    First Car Rental is connected to the best in the South African travel industry. In August 2018, we joined seven local storytellers on a five-day road trip to bring you 10 amazing places to visit in Mpumalanga.

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  • Scuba Diving South Africa

    Top 10 Scuba Diving Sites in South Africa

    The South African coastline offers a multitude of diving experiences, ranging from tropical reefs and wreck dives to shark and cage diving. No matter where you choose to dive in South Africa, you are guaranteed a memorable experience.

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  • Surviving Long-haul Flights

    How to Survive Long-haul Flights in Economy Class

    Travel is a favourite pastime for many South Africans, but the idea of long-haul flights just isn’t appealing. It is often said that it's about the journey, not the destination, but poor planning can make an 11+ hour flight a nightmare. It doesn't have to be this way.

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  • Boutique Hotels in South Africa

    Top 10 Boutique Hotels in South Africa

    Boutique hotels are the catwalk models of accommodation: sleek, elegant and the ultimate in lifestyle living. Whether in the city or the country, beside the sea or in the mountains, each hotel offers upscale accommodation and a unique experience.

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  • South African Inventions

    10 South Africans Who Changed the World

    South Africans have invented some remarkable things over the years that may well have changed your life. Though some are more famous than others, these products, inventions and achievements by South Africans have left indelible marks on all our lives.

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  • Beautiful Places in South Africa

    10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in South Africa

    A land of great diversity and incredible beauty South Africa has become one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. Here are First Car Rental's top ten choices for the most beautiful places to visit in South Africa.

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  • South Africa off the beaten path

    10 South African Attractions off the beaten path

    If you look beneath the obvious South African tourist attractions, tucked away from most main roads, there are some amazing sights just waiting to be explored.

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  • Free State Car Hire

    First Car Rental - Your First Choice in the Free State

    Planning a visit to the Free State? With branches in downtown Bloem and Bloemfontein airport, First Car Rental is the Free State's first choice rental service for locals, business executives and tourists.

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  • Museums South Africa

    Top 10 Best Museums in South Africa

    Museums all over the world ensure understanding and appreciation for various groups and cultures. They promote better understanding of our collective heritage and foster dialogue, curiosity and self-reflection. Here are 10 interesting and important South African Museums.

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  • Make your flight attendant your friend

    Top 10 Ways to Make Your Flight Attendant Your Friend

    Here are the do's and don'ts from crew members for an overall better travel experience. Every airline passenger knows the challenges of spending hours confined to a seat in a small space, but have you ever stopped to think about what it's like to work in that cramped space, taking care of 200 people?

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  • Sport Challenge 2018

    Top 10 'Challenge Yourself' Events in 2018

    Staying active is a popular New Year's resolution and that's why we've created a list of 10 Challenge Yourself events that will help keep you active and interested while you're getting you fitter, stronger and happier.

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  • New Year Events 2017

    Top 10 New Year's Eve Events in South Africa

    With 2017 coming to an end and 2018 looming, we have created a list of the Top 10 events happening in the country to usher in the New Year. Whether you are looking to party up a storm at a festival or celebrate with fine-dining experience, this list has something for everyone.

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  • Christmas Restaurants

    Our Top 10 Places to Eat over Christmas

    Preparing and hosting a Christmas feast for family and friends can be rewarding, but also rather overwhelming. Fortunately, many restaurants in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape offer everything from buffets to banquets for a special Christmas dinner or lunch.

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  • Travel Accessories

    The World's Most Bizarre Travel Accessories

    Travel can be arduous if you aren't properly prepared. Travel-savvy individuals and companies are continuously inventing the next handy device travellers must have. And, as the years roll on, the ideas seem to get even stranger.

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  • Budget Activities PE

    Budget-friendly Activities to do in the "Friendly City"

    Port Elizabeth has many activities that do not break the bank. With the launch of the Nelson Mandela Bay Pass, visitors get to experience more for less. To help you experience "The Friendly City" we have put together a Top 10 list of budget-friendly activities that you can experience in Port Elizabeth.

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  • cultural villages

    Top 10 Cultural Villages in South Africa

    South Africa is rich in culture diversity as we celebrate Heritage Month alloewing us to celebrate the ethnic diversities that make up our vibrant, multicultural society. There is no better way to celebrate our diversity than by learning about them.

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  • pioneering women

    10 Pioneering South African Women

    On 9 August, we celebrate Women's Day in South Africa, a public holiday that pays tribute to the women of our nation. Today, we celebrate the the courageous women who continue to advocate for change, defy norms, and persist in leading South Africa forward.

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  • unusual hideaways south africa

    Top 10 Unusual Hideaways in South Africa

    Looking to escape the rat race, but tired of the same old places? South Africa prides itself on its variety of landscapes ranging from deserts to beached to craggy mountains, where travellers may indulge in anything from spas to shark-cage diving. If you're craving something different, step away from the usual guest houses and hotels and book into one of these unusual places.

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  • adventure activitites garden route

    Top 10 Adventure Activities along the Garden Route

    South Africa's Garden Route caters to a wide range of interests. Indigenous forests, excellent cafés and a wide selection of activities make the Garden Route popular amongst both local and international travellers. To help you discover more of this gem, First Car Rental has created a top 10 list of adventure activities for you to enjoy.

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  • top mtb trails south africa

    Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails in South Africa

    South Africa is filled with exhilarating and exciting mountain bike routes, offering enthusiasts an assortment of adrenaline-pumping mountain biking experiences. To help you discover these exciting mountain bike trials, First Car Rental has created a list of the Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails in South Africa.

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  • top camping sites south africa

    Top 10 Family-Friendly Campsites in South Africa

    South Africa's breath-taking landscape, amiable climate and amazing wildlife make an ideal setting for a thrilling camping experience. From the glorious sandstone cliffs in the Free State to the unspoilt coastline of KZN's south coast, every South African province has something exciting to offer campers.

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  • top independent cinemas south africa

    Top Independent Cinemas in South Africa

    Give the mainstream cinemas a miss and plan a unique movie night and explore some of these independent cinemas that are trendy, exclusive and offer the perfect setting for a romantic night out at the movies.

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  • top sa amusement parks

    Top 10 Amusement Parks in South Africa

    Amusement Parks in South Africa go beyond offering the families exciting fun, they also incorporate educational and historical attractions that the whole family can enjoy. To make it easier to discover these popular family destinations, we have created a list of the Top 10 Amusement Parks in South Africa.

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  • road-trip car games

    Top 8 road-trip car games to play

    Eight simple car games to add family fun to travelling in the festive season.

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  • south coast

    10 South Coast facts that will get you excited to visit KZN

    A travel destination for families, adventure seekers, nature lovers, foodies and those who just want some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation.

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  • Christmas Markets in South Africa

    Top 10 Christmas Markets in South Africa

    Combine your love for travel and supporting local business with this guide to Christmas Markets in South Africa. Updated annually, we bring you a list of inspiring markets where you can buy unique, hand-crafted gifts and gain inspiration from the small businesses operating off the beaten track. Happy shopping.

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  • urban markets in gauteng

    Creative Urban Markets in Gauteng

    If you're passionate about discovering the hidden gems in your local 'hood, you'll love our list of Creative Urban Markets in Gauteng.

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  • top 10 botanical gardens

    Top 10 National Parks in South Africa

    South Africa's National Parks (SANParks) are home to some of the country's best and most endangered plants and wildlife, making them a popular tourist destination for international and local travellers. To help you experience the splendour of these natural resources we've put together a list of the Top 10 National Parks in South Africa.

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  • top 10 botanical gardens

    9 Reasons Why You Should Travel

    There are many motivational quotes that inpsire us to travel and explore our beautiful world. Here are 9 benefits as to why travel is great for your health and happiness.

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  • top 10 botanical gardens

    Top 10 Botanical Gardens in South Africa

    South Africa's magnificent botanical gardens are home to numerous indigenous and endangered plants and wildlife, making them prime attractions year-round. To help you discover the richness and splendour of these natural treasures, we've put together a list of the Top 10 National Botanic Gardens in South Africa.

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  • top 10 beaches

    Top 10 beaches in South Africa

    South Africa is home to some of the world's best and most beautiful beaches. To help you discover some of these great seaside spots, here is a list of the Top 10 beaches in South Africa.

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  • pet-friendly accommodation

    Top 10 pet-friendly places to stay in South Africa

    Have you ever been on holiday and missed your furry kid so much that you couldn't wait to get home? Or, you dream of your furry kids coming on holiday with you? The solution - choose your next accommodation according to its pet-friendliness.

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  • international artists

    Top international artists who'll soon be in SA

    Find out which international artists will be touring South Africa over the next few months.

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  • Father's Day Gifts

    Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Looking for a great gift for Father's Day without breaking the bank? Here are some great ideas that will make dad really happy and keep your wallet smiling as well.

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  • genius travel tips

    Top 10 genius travel tips

    We've put together a list of the top 10 GENIUS travel tips that you might not have considered before. All these handy tips are designed to save you time and money.

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  • South Africa Events

    South African Events Calendar 2016

    Read First Car Rental's guide to the top events happening in South Africa in 2016.

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  • South African Inventions

    Top 10 South African Inventions

    Discover 10 great things that were invented by South Africans. You will be proud.

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  • Business Trip Activities

    Top 10 Business Trip De-stress Activities

    First Car Rental has created a fun activities guide for business travellers. Pick Your Favourite.

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  • Route 62

    Explore Route 62

    Explore the Western Cape along Route 62, the less travelled, but more interesting, alternative to the busy N2. Discover

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  • Trail running and obstacle course racing

    Discover trail running and obstacle course racing

    Looking for a cost-effective way to get fit that you and your family could enjoy and benefit from? Challenge yourself and try something a little adventurous in 2016.

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  • Top 10 Organic Food Markets

    Top 10 Organic Food Markets

    South Africa is home to some of the world's finest organic food markets, where you'll find an astounding array of high-quality fruit and vegetables (often sold by the farmers themselves at reasonable prices); artisan food and beverages; a bustling, feel-good atmosphere; and more than ample seating to watch the interesting people go by.

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  • fusion restaurants south africa

    Top 10 Fusion Restaurants in South Africa

    South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, but when different cultural influences blend into food, the most amazing creations are born. To set you off on your culinary journey, First Car Rental has listed the top 10 fusion restaurants in South Africa.

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  • eco adventures south africa

    Top 10 Eco-Adventures in South Africa

    To honour National Environment Month in June, we've put together a list of the top 10 Eco-adventures in South Africa. All selected eco activities promote a positive nature experience while minimising impact on the environment and increasing environmental and cultural awareness.

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  • kids activities

    Top 10 kids activities in Johannesburg

    Need to keep the kids entertained? First Car Rental has put together a list of fun and exciting kid's activities in Johannesburg.

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  • Freedom Day

    Top 10 things to do on Freedom Day

    Wondering what to do for Freedom Day on 27 April 2015? First Car Rental has put together a list of places that capture the past, present and future of South Africa's amazing journey to becoming a democratic and united republic.

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  • Castles in South Africa

    Stay in a Castle in South Africa

    If you want to experience the royal lifestyle and live the fairy tale, plan your next enchanting escape to these beautiful castles in South Africa.

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  • Yoga retreats South Africa

    Top 10 Yoga retreats in South Africa

    Want to enjoy a stress-free vacation and some uninterrupted R&R? A yoga retreat gives your mind, body and soul the break it deserves. To help you channel your inner Yogi, First Car Rental has listed our top 10 Yoga retreats in South Africa.

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  • Eco-friendly hotels South Africa

    Top 10 eco-friendly hotels in South Africa

    'Green' is the word in 2015 and everywhere, people are trying to make a positive impact on the earth and the environment to preserve its future. Travellers are also getting eco-conscious and are taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint during their vacations. To help you get your green 2015 started, here is a list of the best eco-friendly hotels in South Africa.

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  • Summer Travel

    10 unusual things to do this Summer

    Tired of doing the same summer activities? Here are 10 interesting and rather unusual activities and attractions that are sure to make your holiday a lot more fun.

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  • Lanseria Airport

    10 things to do in and around Lanseria

    Lanseria Airport is the only privately-owned airport in South Africa and, what was once a grass strip airfield used as an executive airport for corporate travellers, has now become the gateway to amazing African adventures. Hop off the plane, into your rental car and explore these top 10 attractions in and around Lanseria at your own pace.

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  • Summer Weekends

    Top 10 summer weekends

    Get ready to pack a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen and comfortable shoes! Summer is just around the corner and we know that travel buffs want to start planning their summer vacations well in advance. So, here is First Car Rental's list of Top 10 Summer weekends you should plan for!

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  • Durban

    Discover Durban - South Africa's "coolest" city

    Durban is famed for its golden beaches and sub-tropical climate, but that's not all there is to South Africa's city of sunshine. Recently named 'the coolest city in South Africa' by CNN, Durban is a diverse city offering an abundance of things to do and places to see. From trendy cafes and fun-filled leisure activities, to an intriguing cultural heritage and amazing shopping opportunities, Durban definitely has something for everyone.

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  • Famous women quotes

    Top 10 quotes by famous women

    It's Women's Month and we want to pay homage to the heroes and pioneers who shaped the world and changed the course of history. This month, First Car Rental salutes the brave women who fought for women's rights, shattered stereotypes and broke barriers. We want to share the voices of the great women who have shown leadership, charisma, humility and wisdom. Here is a collection of our most favourite quotes by notable women in history.

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  • Top hiking trails

    Top 10 hiking trails in South Africa

    Hiking is one of the best ways to reconnect and appreciate the beauty of nature. South Africa has some of the finest hiking trails in the world, where the opportunities for adventure are endless. Whether you prefer to hike along rivers or tread up mountains, this country has the perfect trail for hikers of all levels of skill and for all ranges of interest.

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  • Winter travel

    Top 10 things to do in Winter

    Winter is here, but that doesn't mean you have to stay bundled up at home. South African winters, which are from June to August, typically comprise of crisp days and cold nights in the higher-lying areas. The coastal regions of South Africa along the Indian Ocean enjoy excellent weather during winter months. The Western Cape has most of its rain during this time but there are bright sunny days in between and these can be the most gorgeous days ever.

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  • Where to find rhino

    Where to find rhino in South Africa

    South Africa has a number of parks and reserves where you can watch beautiful rhino live happily in their natural habitat. First Car Rental has put together a list of places where you can get a glimpse of rhino in all their splendour. Plan 'a trip for rhino spotting' and share your stories with us.

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  • Midlands Meander

    Top 5 attractions along the Midlands Meander

    Stretching from the Drakensberg mountains to Pietermaritzburg, the Midlands Meander is South Africa's first and finest arts and crafts route. Here you'll find a number of attractions to suit all tastes, ranging from historical landmarks and artisan food & drink to unique experiences such as soaring through the trees on a canopy tour.

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  • Valentines Day

    Top 10 Valantine's Day gifts

    Valentine's Day is back and people all over the world are looking for great ways to express love. Valentine's Gifts are, of course, one of the best ways to woo and win over that special someone and women are spoilt for choice this season. Gifts for men are a bit tricky, because, unlike women, men hardly offer pointers on what they really want! First Car Rental has decided to help you with your Valentine's gifts and has put together a list of some 'out of the box' Valentine's Day gift ideas for men.

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  • Heritage Sites

    Top 10 heritage sites in South Africa

    South Africa has many historical, cultural and natural destinations that merit preservation for future generations. First Car Rental has put together a list of South African heritage sites, some of which have been declared World Heritage Sites for their cultural significance or natural beauty. These destinations are certainly places that every South African must visit at least once in their lifetime.

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