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  • Business Car Hire in SA

    GUIDE: South African Business Car Hire

    South Africa is a growing business hub with investors and business people flying in and out of the country every day. If you are travelling to South Africa on business, renting a car can be the most cost-effective mode of getting from point A to point B and doing everything else in between.

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  • Renting a Car in SA

    GUIDE: Renting a Car in South Africa

    First Car Rental offers choice in all aspects of travel in South Africa; from personal South African car hire, to chauffeur-driven services, we make sure transport is not an issue as you explore our beautiful country. As in Europe, however, rules and regulations exist and need to be taken in to account when renting a car in South Africa. First Car Rental's simplified guide to car rental requirements South Africa provides clarity in this process.

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  • unabridged birth certificates

    GUIDE: South Africa's child travel requirements

    To ensure your holiday isn't over before it begins, read First Car Rental's comprehensive guide to South Africa's new child travel laws. These regulations apply to South Africans as well as foreign nationals, and mean that travellers will be required to produce further documentation such as unabridged birth certificates in addition to passports and visas (where applicable) when entering or leaving South Africa with children under 18 years old.

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  • International Driving Permits

    GUIDE: Foreign Driver's Licences in South Africa

    Can you hire a car with a Foreign Driver's Licence? Find out here

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  • Wedding Day budget

    Hire a car for your wedding

    A wedding is a memorable event. On such a special day, the wedding party, and particularly the wedding couple, deserve to travel in style from one location to the next! At First Car Rental, there are a range of vehicle and price options for the wedding party.

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  • Cheap car rental Cape Town

    Explore Cape Town in an affordable rental car

    Cape Town is one of South Africa's most-loved cities, famed for its vibrant culture and history, natural beauty and feel-good, charming atmosphere. The city is a dream tourist destination that offers every kind of traveller something amazing to experience. Hiring a car in Cape Town is one of the best ways to explore this diverse city.

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  • Car rental for business

    Car rental solutions for business travellers

    Time is money, and with First Car Rental's comprehensive car rental solutions for business travellers, we save you both. From corporate travel services for frequent flyers to chauffeur services, First Car Rental provides business travellers with cost-effective transport solutions.

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