The World's Most Bizarre Travel Accessories

Travel can be arduous if you aren't properly prepared. Travel-savvy individuals and companies are continuously inventing the next handy device travellers must have. And, as the years roll on, the ideas seem to get even stranger.

Here are 10 of the world's most bizarre travel accessories that you probably haven't heard of, and perhaps aren't convinced are a necessity.

  • B-Tourist Band

    1. 'B-Tourist' Band

    The band, an elastic fabric stretched between two aeroplane seat headrests, allows you to eat, read a book or sleep without being disturbed. It comes with two plastic rings to adjust the width of the band to create either a full partition for complete privacy or a partial wall for you interact with others.

  • Airport Jacket

    2. Airport Jacket

    This multi-purpose jacket is essentially a wearable suitcase - if you're all about avoiding extra luggage charges. It can fit up to 16 items including a 13 inch-laptop, tablet, mobile phone, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, three T-shirts, two pairs of shorts, underwear for several days, and a light jersey, all with room to spare.

  • Re-Timer Glasses

    3. Re-Timer Glasses

    These glasses are designed to help you adjust to a new time zone more quickly. By projecting light just below the eyes and stimulating the area of the brain that regulates the body clock, the glasses eliminate the symptoms of jet lag by gradually changing the time of day your eyes are exposed to light.

  • UpRight Sleeper

    4. UpRight Sleeper

    This "stiff" contraption is a padded brace that lets you sleep while sitting up. The brace, held in place by a back strap, supports the weight of your head while preventing it from flopping sideways or forwards while you doze off on the plane.

  • Micro Smartphone Charger

    5. Micro Smartphone Charger

    The world's smallest mobile charger might not have enough power to let you fully enjoy all your smartphone's features, but will provide just enough juice for you to send a last-minute message or update your social media status.

  • Foot Hammock

    6. Foot Hammock

    Equipped with an adjustable strap to hang it around the tray table on the seat in front of you, foot hammocks are intended to make long flights more comfortable. As well as increasing airplane comfort, these portable footrests are said to also help reduce numbness and swelling, and aid in improving circulation.

  • Ostrich Pillow

    7. Ostrich Pillow

    Inspired by ostriches burying their heads in the sand, the Ostrich Pillow is a useful accessory that allows you to have a quick snooze anywhere. This combination of a balaclava and a soft pillow provides a micro sleeping environment that blocks out noise, light and other distractions - even aiding in reducing jetlag.

  • Flopeeze

    8. Flopeeze Footwear

    Designed to protect your feet from unhygienic surfaces, these soft, flexible flip flops can be worn almost anywhere. The special panel design with an ankle hole keeps the footwear securely attached to your feet so you can walk with barefoot-comfort.

  • Hand Crank Charger

    9. Hand Crank Phone Charger

    This back-up charger converts one minute of cranking into four minutes of power for a connected smartphone. If you're not up for working out your forearms to charge your phone, the charger's lithium-ion battery can also be fully charged from a USB connection to a computer or AC adapter.

  • SlotFlops

    10. SlotFlops

    These aren't your average flip flops; they're not only comfortable, but also very practical. The SlotFlops have been cleverly designed with a hidden pocket in the sole large enough to conceal a key, a credit card, and some cash.

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