Top 10 Fusion Restaurants in South Africa

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, but when different cultural influences blend into food, the most amazing creations are born. To set you off on your culinary journey, First Car Rental has listed the top 10 fusion restaurants in South Africa.

  • Blackanese

    1. Blackanese, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg

    Situated in the heart of inner-city Joburg's regenerated Maboneng Precinct, Blackanese blends African flavours with Japanese cuisine. From unique creations like 'biltong sushi' to prawns on the braai, the restaurant gives food lovers a one-of-a-kind tasting experience.

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  • Troyeville Hotel

    2. Troyeville Hotel, Johannesburg

    What we South Africans tend to call Portuguese food, is actually a Creole Afro-Lusitanian cuisine born in Africa. At Troyeville Hotel, you get a real taste of this fiery fusion genre. You can enjoy some great fish dishes, including peri peri prawns and steak trinchado - the spicy South African-Portuguese braised beef.

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  • Galbi

    3. Galbi, Cape Town

    For a Korean-South African fusion barbeque in Cape Town, head straight to Galbi. At the restaurant, centrally situated on Long Street, each table features a small grill where diners can cook their own fillet, rump and kudu paired with the likes of baked tofu, garlic bread and summer salads.

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  • Asoka

    4. Asoka, Cape Town

    From its eclectic decor with design elements from Turkey to Thailand, to its innovative menu, Asoka is a trendy restaurant bar that takes you on a pan-Asian adventure. Their food is described as fusion bar cuisine and is meant for those with an adventurous palette. You get amazing tapas and salads that pair perfectly with their delicious cocktails.

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  • Swallows Inn

    5. Swallows Inn, Johannesburg

    One of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Johannesburg, Swallows Inn offers authentic Afro-Cantonese cuisine, a cooking style that emerged as a result of Cantonese mineworkers settling in Johannesburg. At Swallows Inn you'll find amazing Shanghai Steak, chicken and beef chow mein and chop suey, all cooked with authentic Afro-Cantonese flavours and the biggest portion sizes you've ever seen!

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  • Kashif's Fusion Food

    6. Kashif's Fusion Food, Johannesburg

    You don't go to Kashif's for the ambience or the dining experience; you go there exclusively for their amazing, aromatic food. The restaurant brings interesting flavours from the East and pairs it up with South African favourites. The spicy prawns and ostrich fillet steak flavoured with Indian masala are a must.

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  • Miller's Thumb

    7. Miller's Thumb, Cape Town

    Miller's Thumb is a refreshingly-casual fusion seafood restaurant in uptown Cape Town. Expect fresh seafood and prime beef cuts influenced by Cajun and Creole cuisine. Miller's Thumb also does a winning Japanese dish that must be tried at least once. The 'Yaki Soba', a noodle dish with prawns, chicken and cashews, is a firm favourite here.

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  • Fusion Cafe

    8. Fusion Cafe, Durban

    If you're someone who gets 'Heston Blumenthal' and his quirky cooking style, you will love the Fusion Cafe in Berea, Durban. The restaurant offers inventive gastro-fare where you can try liquid nitrogen ice cream, soup that changes colour, and super tender beef fillet cooked in a dishwasher!

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  • Moyo Zoo Lake

    9. Moyo Zoo Lake, Parkview Johannesburg

    Moyo is a celebration of African food and culture and everything from the decor to the food, is a representation of the continent's rich and vibrant spirit. You can enjoy innovative Afro-fusion dishes, including air-dried Kudu bresaola with strawberries and salad or ostrich berbere (Ethiopian spice mix) served with Zimbabwean nhopi dovi (a peanut and pumpkin mash).

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  • Bombay Bicycle Club

    10. Bombay Bicycle Club

    If you're looking for a complete dining experience (that's a little over the top), the Bombay Bicycle Club is just the ticket. This restaurant is a wonderfully wacky bohemian venue that transports you into Madame Zingara's colourful and flamboyant world. The food here brings you a little bit of everything with Asian influenced starters, a variety of pasta combinations and hearty steaks. But the chocolate chilli steak is what everyone raves about!

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