March 2015

  • 04 March - WINNING LETTER

    Dear First Car Rental,
    I would like to thank you and your team at First Car Rental Port Elizabeth Airport for your excellent service.

    I used your company the last three times I flew to Port Elizabeth and I am always greeted by a friendly smile and good service. The upgrades are always received with great appreciation. Mitchell at the parking bay always brings a smile to my face.

    I truly enjoy your service and should be using it again on my holiday trip down to Cape Town at the end of March. Keep on doing what you're doing!

    Gerhard Claassen

  • 04 March

    Dear Monique,
    I would like to pass on a compliment for Morne from one of the Head of Divisions at Siemens - Mr. Johan Helberg.

    He has only good things to say about Morne and his exact words were, “I am nobody special, but I get the first class service every time from Morne, he understands his business and knows his customers and he is the only one that knows how to deal with me.”

    Petro Redelinghuys (Area Sales Manager - First Car Rental)

  • 04 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    After going to all the car rentals at Cape Town Airport, we finally got to First Car Rental and were greeted with a smile from Delthea. I haven't received such good service in a very long while. I would just like to thank Delthea for going above and beyond. You really made my day and you are an asset to First Car Rental.

    Shaun Rogers

  • 06 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    Thank you for handling the problem and sorting it out very quickly.

    AR Wilkinson

  • 09 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    I just wanted to say a special thank you to the customer relations team, particularly Esna, Ransom and Khethiwe, for their extra effort on Friday.

    Their shift was already over and they could have gone home to their families, but they gladly stayed late which allowed me to attend a very special event with my six-year-old daughter.

    You all are part of a very special team and your efforts are truly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    Tarryn-Lynn Lange (Customer Relations Manager - First Car Rental )

  • 12 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    I would like to thank and congratulate Clayton for his excellent service and help. I was stranded at the airport last night and Clayton helped get me on the road again. Your company needs more individuals like this.


  • 16 March

    Dear Nelly,
    You are always on the ball, ready to assist. You are one of the few people I know who actually calls me back when I leave a message for you. You have gotten me out of really tight situations several times and working with you is an absolute pleasure. From the rating below you deserve ‘EXCELLENT'.

    Sarah Shikwambana (Iveco)

  • 18 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    I would like to extend the following compliments to Elmarie from two of my customers whom I visited today – Nando's and Kwispace.

    The Nando's Travel Team is very happy and thankful for the efficient service Elmarie has been offering them over the past year. They always sing her praise when I visit on a weekly basis, and I must also admit that the success of the account is due to Elmarie's dedication. Elmarie has days where she is inundated with emails from Nando's, but she delivers without fail.

    Mathilde from Kwispace said, “Elmarie is amazing” - these were her exact words. She said that she could phone her anytime, and Elmarie will assist without any problem. The company is very happy with the relationship with First Car Rental. Thank you Elmarie for always being so dedicated.

    Petro Redelinghuys (Area Sales Manager - First Car Rental)

  • 19 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    Thanks for a great service you provided us on the two occasions I rented your cars.

    Ezekiel Langa

  • 20 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    I received quick service at the desk and any concerns were dealt with immediately. A mechanical problem with the car was dealt with without any quibble. The offer to fill up the tank with fuel at the end of the hire at pump prices with no additional handling charge is excellent.

    Godfrey Alderson

  • 23 March

    Dear Suzanne,
    I can't begin to compliment the excellent service we receive from you and your team! Thank you so much!

    Tsitsila Mokwena (PTA)

  • 23 March

    Dear Monique,
    You are so helpful and friendly. An excellent rating for you Monique Els!

    Farah Floris (Singer Group)

  • 25 March

    Dear First Car Rental,
    I reserved a car through Monique and she was so professional and went the extra mile to assist me, even with all my specifications. Monique is a real asset.

    Lusisipho Badi

  • 27 March

    Dear Elmarie,
    Your incredibly fast feedback and friendliness over the phone has turned my loyalty for your brand into burning fanaticism!

    Gerrit Deist (Portfolio Manager - Brolink Pty Ltd)

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