September 2014

  • 02 September - WINNING LETTER

    Dear First Car Rental,
    It was during the Grahamstown Arts Festival, all flights and car rental services were fully booked. I had missed my flight from PE so I went to East London Airport instead. I managed to reserve a car online and, even though I arrived at the airport an hour earlier than expected, Mimi managed to find a car for me. I arrived in Grahamstown on time for my show! Thank you Mimi for your super-friendly service!

    Gato Buthelezi

  • 03 September

    Dear First Car Rental,
    Great service!

    Paddy Waller (Financial Manager - APCAN Risk Management)

  • 07 September

    Dear First Car Rental,
    Our guests hired a vehicle from Kruger International Mpumalanga Airport and were not happy with the baby seat supplied. After contacting Monique at the Head Office, a replacement baby seat was sent from Gauteng to Nelspruit. The seat arrived a few hours later at our guest lodge and the customers were totally delighted. Thank you First Car Rental. We will always recommend you.

    Roger Higham

  • 17 September

    Hi Cindy
    Firstly, thank you for the referral to Witness - her service was excellent.

    I would also like to pass on my impressions regarding Mimi and her team that worked on Monday morning - there were five young students from Pretoria hiring a vehicle from First Car Rental. There was a hitch with their booking but it was handled so well I can only applaud Mimi and her team!

    At no time did she try side step any issue and try pass the buck; she took the bull by the horns and sorted the matter out.

    I don't know if any of the other firms would have done the same, but I was really impressed. Well done First Car Rental, your service and attitude is first class!

    Tony Ross

  • 17 September

    Hi Witness
    All I can say is thank you! You guys are tremendous with your service. Paul is impressed with First Car Rental and will be in Gauteng next week. He would like to rent a vehicle then as well.

    Thank you

    Tony Ross

  • 18 September

    Dear First Car Rental,
    We had a car with a faulty external seal that sucked in dust. When we complained, First Car Rental immediately delivered a replacement car to us without any hassle. We loved the service.

    Jonathan Mole

  • 24 September

    Dear First Car Rental,
    Thank you for the assistance recently. Not sure I've seen my refund yet but I'm very happy with the end result.

    Christopher Edwards

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