Renting a Car in South Africa

First Car Rental offers choice in all aspects of travel in South Africa; from personal South African car hire, to chauffeur-driven services, we make sure transport is not an issue as you explore our beautiful country.

As in Europe, however, rules and regulations exist and need to be taken in to account when renting a car in South Africa. First Car Rental's simplified guide to car rental requirements in South Africa provides clarity in this process.

South African Car Hire - Visa Requirements

The first step to quick and easy transport solutions when you arrive is a valid travel visa. Without one, we cannot process your rental request. Visa requirements vary depending on criteria that need to be met by individuals. Simply put, though, a valid visa is crucial if you need to hire a car in South Africa.

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South African Car Hire - Rental Payment and Deposits

Common practice when hiring a car in Europe is to have an imprint of your credit card taken, and the rental amount charged on return of the vehicle. No deposit is implemented at any time during the rental agreement.

In South Africa, however, procedure differs slightly.

When collecting your vehicle, both the deposit amount and the daily hire amount for the rental are 'held' by your credit card issuer or bank. This is to ensure that the amount is always available to you during your rental period, and that, should an accident occur, that deposit amount is accessible.

On return of the vehicle, the daily hire amount is put through and your deposit amount is released back to you.

Note: The deposit amount is not removed from your account; it is blocked, and then released by the credit card issuer - not First Car Rental - on return of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is returned, without damage, the credit card issuer will release the holding deposit within 7 working days from the invoice date, minus the daily hire amount and fuel costs. We invoice after 72 hours of rental termination date, provided that all information is captured correctly.

South African Car Hire - Renting a Vehicle

Our renting procedure is quick and simple.

Request a booking or quote today by simply filling out the applicable online form. Your transport can be ready and waiting as you arrive.

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First Car Rental makes renting a car in South Africa a pleasure, and whether for individual, chauffeur or larger party needs, we make you mobile as you set out to explore the wonders South Africa has on offer.

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