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Letter of the Month

  • 07 September 2017

    Dear First Car Rental

    I rented a car from you and when I returned it, I accidentally left my credit card in it. The attendant who booked it back in (I think his name was Jethro*) basically ran into the airport and searched for me for 10 minutes so he could return it.

    Thank you very much for going the extra mile and providing such great service.

    Sean Drummond

    *Jethro Khoza, a Car Park Attendant at First Car Rental OR Tambo International Airport

First Car Rental Customer Services Charter

In performing our duties we will:

  1. Act honestly, ethically and professionally.
  2. Be polite, courteous and helpful.
  3. Be transparent with our processes and procedures.
  4. Communicate clearly and in plain language.
  5. Respond promptly to requests for service, advice or information.
  6. To the best of our knowledge, provide complete, accurate and current advice or information.
  7. Endeavour to achieve the highest standards in the work we produce and the vehicles we provide.
  8. Inform you promptly of decisions that will affect you.
  9. Provide you with an opportunity to compliment or complain.
  10. Apply relevant legislation, policy and procedures impartially and consistently.
  11. Respect your privacy and the confidentiality of information provided.
  12. Respond to correspondence promptly and handle telephone and personal inquiries immediately to a successful resolution timeframe on average of 1.86 days.

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