Fusion Café

Fusion Cafe

One of Durban's most adventurous restaurants.

Fusion Café has invented its own molecular gastronomy, inviting diners to experience a whole new world of flavour.

The café is an extension of the world renowned chef school, The Fusion Cooking School, where global, trendy, modern, health-conscious cuisine showcases the very best of world food flavours with strong Asian influence and elements of molecular gastronomy.

The café is run by a passionate team of principals, lecturers and past and present students from the cooking school and together they create the most outrageously delicious food.

One of their most unique offerings is the beef fillet cooked in a dishwasher. While the thought of your meat cooking in a dishwasher may not be the prettiest, what's actually happening in there is sous-vide magic, creating super-tender meat!

The colour-changing soups, flambéed malva pudding, pretzels poached in caustic soda and 16-hour electric-blanket-slow-cooked oxtail are just some of the other amazing creations on offer.

Address: Shop 4 Silvervause Centre, Berea, Durban

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10am to 9pm; Sunday: closed

To find out more about Fusion Café, visit their website here or like them on Facebook.

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