Platbos Forest - Planting Hope

Platbos Forest

First Car Rental is proud to support the ancient Platbos Forest, which is home to trees that are over 1000 years old.

First Car Rental customers can donate to Platbos Forest when hiring a car through the online booking portal.

Platbos Forest


About Platbos Forest

Platbos Forest is a botanically unique, endangered forest ecosystem located on the slopes of the Baviaanspoort Hills in the Western Cape. It is Africa's southernmost forest; home to indigenous trees that are over 1 000 years old.

The existence of this unique forest has puzzled botanists. Other ancient forests in South Africa and throughout the world survived the gradual temperature increases over the last thousand years by slowly retreating into wetter areas, such as mountain ravines and riverbeds.

Yet, Platbos Forest grows on deep, sandy alkaline soil in an area where there is relatively low rainfall and no river feeding the forest. This mystery makes the forest extremely rare and endangered.

Platbos Forest

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Symbol of Hope

The unlikely existence of this unique forest at the foot of Africa serves as a powerful symbol of hope for the future. In spite of past logging activities, drought and threat from alien vegetation, Platbos Forest persists.

This quiet tenacity is all the more compelling in the face of global warming and the threatening climatic changes this poses.

CapeNature has awarded Platbos Forest stewardship status in recognition of the forest's high conservation value with respect to its uniqueness, biodiversity and connectivity to the landscape. The property is currently being rezoned to a Contact Nature Reserve.

Renters can support Platbos Forest by choosing to donate to the organisation when booking a car through First Car Rental's online booking portal.

To learn more about Platbos Forest, visit their website here or keep updated via social media: follow @PlatbosForest on Twitter or like Platbos Forest on Facebook.

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