New Year Across the World

January 2018 - As midnight rolled across the world's time zones, people took to the streets to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, 2018.

Fireworks erupted, millions made resolutions, the world raised their glasses 'cheering' to new possibilities.

new year cape town 2018

Cape Town, South Africa

new year paris 2018

Arc de Triomphe, France

new year new zealand 2018

Auckland, New Zealand

new year baghdad 2018

Baghdad, Iraq

new year beijing 2018

Beijing, China

new year beirut 2018

Beirut, Lebanon

new year berlin 2018

Berlin, Germany

new year ireland 2018

Carnlough, Northern Ireland

new year dubai 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

new year hong kong 2018

Hong Kong

new year istanbul 2018

Istanbul, Turkey

new year jakarta 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia

new year london 2018

London, England

new year indonesia 2018

Magelang, Indonesia

new year melbourne 2018

Melbourne, Australia

new year moscow 2018

Moscow, Russia

new year nairobi 2018

Nairobi, Kenya

new year brazil 2018

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

new year south korea 2018

Seoul, South Korea

new year singapore 2018


new year sydney 2018

Sydney, Australia

new year new york 2018

Times Square, New York

new year indonesia 2018

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

new year zanzibar 2018

Zanzibar, Tanzanian

new year switzerland 2018

Zürich, Switzerland

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