Introducing Super-Quick Customer Checkout

A key benefit of Quick Checkout is the time you save at the branch.

First Car Rental

New Quick Checkout interface provides each customer with a visual interpretation of their booking.

With new, cutting-edge technology and a passion for elevating customer experience across all touchpoints, Quick Checkout is the latest in First Car Rental's innovative approach to further reduce queue times at branches.

How it Works

First Car Rental, in partnership with Veedyo, an interface which allows the passing of rental data via a web service, has created the technology that displays all your unique rental information in a short, hyper-personalised video.

The video, which is emailed to you after your booking, highlights key features and benefits that you can view, amend and add to your rental package via online customer self-service.

Behind the scenes, it compares what you have booked vs. what you can still complete by showing you the choices still available to you before you get to the counter.

This gives you total control of what you would like included with your rental before you get to the counter, saving you time, checking you out in half the time.

First Car Rental Quick Checkout

The short, hyper-personalised video interface educates customers on the rental process, as well as highlighting key features and benefits of their rental. Customers are able to view, amend, upgrade or add extras to their rental before arriving at a rental branch.

Key Benefit

A key benefit of the online Quick Checkout is the time you can save at the branch.

Features on your personalised video are credit card pre-authorisation, which can now be done online, plus rental package upgrades, additional extras you may want, and customer information updates - some of the functions you could only complete at the counter in the past.


First Car Rental Quick Checkout Package Upgrade

Upgrade Rental Package

Customers are given the chance to upgrade their reserved package to one that reduces liability in the event of an accident.

First Car Rental Quick Checkout Add Extras

Add Extras to Rental

Customers can fill out all their details needed by First Car Rental online, to ensure a speedy checkout process.

First Car Rental Quick Checkout Pre-authorisation

Pre-Authorise Credit Card

As a FIRST in the industry, the Pre-Authorisation and Pre-Payment function enables customers to pre-authorise their credit cards online, saving them time at checkout.

First Car Rental Quick Checkout Cost Breakdown

View Charge Breakdown

Customers can see their rental booking confirmation and an informative breakdown of all costs.

First Car Rental Quick Checkout Booking Changes

Amend/Cancel a Booking

Customers can amend their booking details or cancel their rental altogether.

Book with First Car Rental now and be part of this ground-breaking technology from First Car Rental.

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