Tolls FAQs

Information on this page is correct as of 17 April 2024

  • Q: What are E-Tolls?

    A: E-Toll is the Electronic Toll Collection system in South Africa and was run by SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited), which is no longer in operational effective 11 April 2024 - all monies owing to SANRAL is however payable for all activity until this date.

    If you have hired a car from First Car Rental in the past and want to view your E-Toll or Other Toll transactions, click here.

  • About Tolls and E-tags

  • Q: Are First Car Rental vehicles e-tagged?

    A: Yes, First Car Rental's entire fleet has been fitted with e-tags. This is to ensure that customers can easily pass through any Toll Gate without having to stop and make payment.

  • Q: When will I receive my invoice?

    A: If renters have accrued toll fees during their rental, they will be issued with an invoice 2 days after the rental termination. This is because it takes approximately 2 days for SANRAL to process toll transactions.

  • Q: Will renters who use the delivery & collection service be billed for toll fees?

    A: Please remember that it will be cheaper to collect from and return a car to a branch rather than opting for a delivery or collection service, which could have toll fees levied against the customer. The customer will be responsible for the tolls incurred between the closest branch and the delivery or collection point. We will take responsibility for the 2nd vehicle, which is utilised to collect the driver of the customer vehicle.

  • Q: How does the cost of tolls work for individual and corporate travellers?

    • We will receive an electronic transaction file per toll transaction from Sanral.

    • As we receive it, we automatically verify that it is our vehicle.

    • We then do checks on the actual tag plus registration combination and match a movement to the toll date and time stamp.

    • This enables us to determine whether it is an internal movement or a rental or if indeed a rental movement.

    • We then charge the relevant renter or debtor on the main invoice.

  • Q: Are renters able to receive toll reports?

    A: Yes, all your detailed toll transactions can be emailed to you. First Car Rental will only show the total e-toll amount incurred on invoices, but we log all SANRAL information received so you are able to request detailed reports at any time or download them from our website here.

  • Q: Is there a toll administration fee?

    A: Yes, First Car Rental charges a toll administration fee per rental contract, please view your exclusion details upon reservation for the exact amount.

  • Q: Will the administration fee only be levied to customers that utilised the toll system or for every rental contract?

    A: Yes, the administration fee will only apply to customers that have used a toll gate.

  • Q: If a customer is on a monthly contract will they only pay one admin fee?

    A: The admin fee is levied the moment the first toll transaction is logged and is charged per rental contract. Toll fees and the admin fee will always be present on the same invoice.

  • Q: Is the renter or the owner of the hire car responsible for the toll fee?

    A: The renter is responsible.

  • Q: How do you compare to your car hire competitors?

    A: We are the only major car rental company that chose to keep the e-tags to ensure convenience for our customers that wish to utilise the e-tag dedicated lane. It is imperative that renters do not use the E-Tag lane if they do not wish to be charged an administration fee. Renters can still utilise the normal non e-tag toll queue and pay by means of cash or card, but if they use the E-Tag gate they will be charged the toll fee and the admin fee.
    * We are running a 3 month trial given the risk that this initiative poses in recuperating funds from renters.

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