Green Machine waterless car wash is the future

With South Africa facing a severe water crisis, now is the time to switch to The Green Machine

The Green Machine

The Green Machine (previously CMH Green Machine) is a waterless car wash system that uses an environmentally-friendly wax (instead of water) to complete a vehicle wash, wax and polish in under 25 minutes. It was launched in 2011 by First Car Rental's holding company, Combined Motor Holdings Limited (CMH), who believe in conserving precious water all of the time, not just during drought.

Over 80 eco-friendly bays across the country use the Green Machine - saving a whopping 110 million litres of 'drinking water' per year.

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The Green Machine benefits

• 100% environmentally-friendly

• Uses less than 1 litre of water per vehicle wash (the water is used to clean the cloth!), in contrast to the average hosepipe car wash that uses +/- 200 litres of water per vehicle

• Cleaning wax is 100% natural and water soluble - zero 'toxic runoff' or water pollution

• Compact, all-in-one push-trolley unit

• Wash, wax, protection and polish in under 25 minutes, including rims and tyres

• Natural wax from the Carnuba Palm tree gives a shiny finish that doesn't damage the vehicle's paint

• Wax provides UV protection without discolouration and isn't sensitive to temperature like other wax that becomes sticky, attracting dust and insects

The Green Machine

How the Green Machine works:

The Green Machine

Promoting Eco-friendly Entrepreneurship

The Green Machine can also be leased to entrepreneurs as part of CMH's empowerment programme. The lease includes a business model, training, uniforms, the Green Machine and all associated products, and is ideal for people who have access to:

• Dealerships

• Office parks

• Residential complexes

• Car parks / petrol stations

• Hotels / guest lodges

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