Choosing the Right Rental Car Can Be Tricky

August 2017 - One of the most important things when hiring a car is to ensure you choose the right car for your journey. Nothing ruins a journey quicker than an unsuitable ride.

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What are your car rental needs?

Do you require a budget rental car for daily city travel, or a 10-seater passenger vehicle for group travel maybe, or maybe you want to hire a luxury vehicle for the ultimate driving experience?

When choosing a vehicle, always consider the type of vehicle required - seating and luggage capacity; the destination and type of terrain; and any optional extras required.

Car hire companies offer a wide range of options, from zippy hatchbacks to luxurious SUVs, all with varying levels of space and suitability.

First Car Rental Fleet

All car rental companies hire out vehicles by category or group, rather than by make and model. Cars in each group are comparable in size and performance.

Associated with each fleet vehicle is a Fleet Mix. The Fleet Mix is the 'percentage probability' of you, the renter, receiving that vehicle in that group in that month. The actual vehicle received when you pick up your vehicle will depend on availability at the time of your booking.

The fleet mix is updated monthly as new cars are added to the fleet, and older cars are removed off the fleet. You can find our latest fleet mix here.


Hatchbacks (Group A, B, R)

These Hatchbacks are generally the more affordable hire cars, and are compact, economical and can comfortably seat four people, but leg room and luggage capacity are often limited.

Hatchbacks are the ideal choice when looking for an affordable rental car that simply needs to be functional and comfortable for one or two people on a short to medium distance trip

Family Sedan

Family Sedans (Group C, D, E)

Seating four or five passengers, sedans are suited to small groups and families. They offer sufficient luggage space, manual or automatic transmission, a comfortable drive, and are usually economical. These groups are popular with frequent flyers and families.

Luxury Sedan

Luxury Sedans (Group Z, G, M)

Top-of-the-range, luxury vehicles offer the ultimate driving and travel experience. They feature advanced engineering, manual and automatic transmission, lavish interiors, and numerous comforts and safety features.

Luxury sedans are best suited to long distances, some business travellers and international holiday makers.


SUVs and 4x4s (Group U, K, V)

SUVs and 4x4s offer higher clearance, making them ideal for travel into the South African nature reserves. These vehicles offer all the comforts of modern vehicles, but can be heavy on fuel.

Passenger Van

Passenger Vans (Group I, Y, Q)

Available in 8 or 10-seaters, passenger vans are convenient for group travel. They offer comfort and space, as well as all the mod cons, ensuring an enjoyable trip.

If you're hiring a passenger van, bear in mind that these vehicles may be different to drive compared to regular road cars.

First Car Rental's fleet boasts a range of rental cars to best suit your travel needs. Click here to view our full fleet of vehicles.

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