Child travel update:

Unabridged birth certificates will no longer be required

South Africa child travel

February 2016 - Over the next few months, the South African Government will be scrapping the requirement for unabridged birth certificates for children travelling into and out of South Africa.

Instead, South African parents' details will be printed in their minor child's passport.

The requirement was part of a number of child travel laws introduced in June 2015 to curb child trafficking in South Africa. However, falling tourism numbers and criticism from the travel industry have forced Government to amend certain requirements.

It is not yet clear when the latest amendment will be implemented, which means in the meantime, children will still be required to carry their unabridged birth certificate when crossing South Africa's borders.

For a comprehensive guide to South Africa's child travel requirements as they currently stand, click here.

To read the amendments announced by the Government at the end of 2015, click here.

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