Storms River | Scuba Diving

Storms River Mouth, Eastern Cape

At Storms River, visitors will not only discover ancient forests, mountain and coastal fynbos, hundreds of birds, interesting small mammals and spectacular scenery, but also a fascinating 80km coastline bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Situated within the Tsitsikamma National Park Marine Protected Area on the Garden Route, the Storms River Mouth dive site is a marine protected area filled with an abundance of marine life - a true underwater treasure.

Scuba Storms River

A unique river dive, the Storms River scuba diving experience is filled with colourful soft corals, sea anemones, nudibranchs, as well as a variety of fish species, including red roman, mussel cracker, blacktail, sand sharks, stingrays, and sometimes even ragged-tooth sharks.

Untouched Adventures

To find out more about scuba diving at Storms River, visit the Untouched Adventures website.

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