Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Offering a wide variety of soft corals and marine life, dramatic reefs and ship wrecks, Port Elizabeth is one of the most magical places to visit for diving. Port Elizabeth coast is also on the migration route of many large mammals, including humpback and southern right whales, dolphins, seals and jackass penguin.

Avalanche Reef, a popular dive site, is an extensive reef featuring overhangs, profound crevices, and is densely populated with corals and fish. Common fish along the reef include red romans, bronze breams and Jan Bruin; while a wide range of other interesting species include the Chocolate-chip Dorid, Orange Ghost Nudibranch, Mauve False Plum Anemone, and the Elegant Feather Star.

Scuba Port Elizabeth

In addition to the rich in colourful marine life and vast array of corals, there is also a fantastic wreck dive. The HMS Harlem, a navy frigate scuttled in 1987, is the best wreck dive in this area. The Harlem lies some 20 metres below the surface and has created an artificial reef for diving, with various nooks and crannies that are inhabited by sharks, corals and a variety of fish.

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