Paragliding over Wilderness Beach

A rush of delight

Paragliding Wilderness Beach

Paragliding is one of the most simplistic and enjoyable forms of flight, offering thrills beyond one's wildest imagination. Enjoy an adrenalin rush of delight as you soar silently with birds high above the Cape's natural beauty.

The Garden Route has some of the best locations for paragliding in the world. With ideal conditions, from soaring over the dunes to thermal flying, your experience is bound to be something unforgettable.

South Africa's Garden Route offers thrill seekers over 20 paragliding sites, presenting fantastic scenic flying along the coast and over the sea, with frequent dolphin and whale sightings.

Tandem paragliding flights happen year-round, depending on the weather. Enjoy the thrill of flight as a passenger and glide along the magnificent Wilderness coastline.


  • Tandem Experience: R750
  • Tandem Adventure Flight: R1350


  • Wilderness, Western Cape

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