Nottingham Road Brewing Company

When travelling along the Midlands Meander, a stop at the Nottingham Road Brewing Company, one of South Africa's most successful micro-breweries, is a must. This exciting local brewer produces a wide range of beers - from pale ale and lager to pilsner and even a chubby keg!

The secret of their success lies in the outstanding range of beers produced using only spring water and finest quality hops and malted barley. The brewery creates beers of outstanding character with a smooth, well-rounded taste.

Nottingham Road Brewing Co

The eight different types of beer vary from mild to slightly bitter, and all bear names resonant of the animal kingdom; these include the Pye-Eyed Possum Pilsner, Swinging Samango Mango Ale, Tiddly Toad Premium Lager, Tipsy Tiger Unfiltered IPA, and the Whistling Weasel Pale Ale.

A well-stocked ‘Brew Shop' adjoining the brewery sells a range of T-shirts, beer mugs, beer gift packs, 5-litre party barrels complete with tap and handle, and other sought-after promotional gifts.

Nottingham Road Brewing Company:

  • Tel: (0) 33 2666 728

  • Email:

  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 7.30am - 4.30pm; Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 4pm

  • Address: Rawdons Estate, R103, Nottingham Road, KZN

To find out more about Nottingham Road Brewing Company, visit their website.

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