Howick Falls

The Umgeni River and its tributaries follow the course of steep cliffs and gorges, forming incredible torrents of water. One of these torrents is the Howick Falls, which have become a popular tourist attraction.

Aside from the usual viewing deck, there are a series of walks and trails that get you closer to the 95m falls. The Gorge Walk, which offers spectacular views, starts at the end of Harvard Street and meanders through riverine forest to the pool at the base of the falls.

Howick Falls

According to local legend, the pool at the bottom of the falls is home to the Inkanyamba, a giant snake-like creature. According to folklore, only sangomas can approach the falls without harm, and then only to offer prayers and acts of worship.

Howick Tourism

To learn more about Howick and the Howick Falls, visit the Howick Tourism website.

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