Lesedi Cultural Village, Gauteng

Lesedi Cultural Village

Experience traditional South African people

Developed as a tourist attraction in 1995 to celebrate the cultural diversity of the people of South Africa, Lesedi now features five traditional homesteads, each representing a different culture: Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Ndebele and Basotho.

There are two 3-hour tours through the homes in the village, presenting interesting cross-cultural comparisons of the customs and social organisation.

The popular evening tour culminates in traditional singing and dancing followed by a buffet dinner and stories of African mythology around the open fire.

Overnight guests stay in one of five traditional homesteads, offering the unique opportunity of staying with a traditional African family, however, home comforts are catered for with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable beds and modern conveniences.


  • +27 (0) 71 507 1447


  • R512, Lanseria, Gauteng
  • To find out more about Lesedi Cultural Village, visit their website.

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