Knysna Heads, Western Cape

Knysna offers excellent diving, both in the lagoon and in the open sea. Diving Knysna is unpredictable and very weather-dependent but the lagoon is often warmer and sheltered when the sea is rough. The water is clear and warm for most of the year, with the winter months offering the best visibility.

There are numerous shallow-shore dive sites in the lagoon; however, one of the more interesting dives is the wreck of the Paquita, a German iron vessel that sank in 1903. Lying just inside the Knysna Heads, the site is subject to strong currents and can be dived only on the turn of the tide. The wreck is covered with sea whips and fans, basket stars, colourful sponges and soft corals and hosts a large number of fish.

Scuba Knysna Heads

Outside the Knysna Heads is an area of many overhangs, caves and canyons that provide a breath-taking experience. Sponges, corals and fans all animate the underwater world, and the marine life ranges from tiny seahorses to large predators such as sharks.

Oceans Africa Diving Adventures

To find out more about scuba diving at Knysna Heads, visit the Oceans Africa Diving Adventures website.

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