Jeep Warrior Series

Jeep Warrior Series

South Africa's most popular OCR event

Jeep Warrior Series events occur throughout the year in Gauteng, North West, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The series caters to all fitness levels and ages, and allows teams and solo entrants.

Race Categories:

Warrior Bratz

Distance: approximately 500m / approximately 8 obstacles

Age: 4 - 12 years old

The Bratz race caters for children ages 4 -12 years old. You can enter your kids online or on race day. Parents and guardians are welcome to accompany their children through the course, but may not attempt the obstacles themselves.

Warrior Rookie

Distance: approximately 5km trail running / approximately 15 obstacles

Age: 10 years and older

Teams: Teams can consists of anything between 2-8 members

Fitness level: Beginners and the fit freaks

Rookie is the race for anyone and everyone. If this is your first time doing a Warrior Race - Rookie is for you. The Rookie obstacles are challenging enough for the relatively fit and strong to attempt all of them; but not too hard to scare away the newbies. The Rookie race provides the perfect environment for team building amongst corporates, families and friends.

Warrior Commando

Distance: approximately 10km trail running / approximately 22 obstacles

Age: 14 years and older

Teams: Teams can consists of anything between 2-8 members

Fitness level: Fit enough to run 10kms and still complete some challenging obstacles

Commando is for those who feel Rookie is just too easy, and that Black-Ops is still a bit of a stretch. Over and above the Rookie obstacles that you will have to complete; there are some obstacles that will test your physical strength and take you right out of that comfort zone. The Commando race will really challenge you, but won't break you like Black-Ops.

Warrior Black-Ops

Distance: approximately 15km trail running / approximately 30 obstacles

Age: 18 years and older

Teams: Teams can consists of anything between 2-8 members

Fitness level: Super Fit and Super Strong

Black-Ops is for the really brave out there and is a serious challenge - even for the very fit! This race is designed to push you to your limits, test your physical and mental resolve, and show you what you are made of. No excuses, no mercy, no giving up!

Jeep Warrior Series

2016 Jeep Warrior Race Dates:

Race #1: 6 & 7 February, Hakahana, Gauteng

Race #2: 12 & 13 March, Emerald Casino, Gauteng

Race #3: 23 & 24 April, Hobby Park, Gauteng

Race #4: 16 & 17 July, KwaZulu-Natal, Venue TBC

Race #5: 20 & 21 August, Gauteng, Venue TBC

Race #6: 24 & 25 September, Kwanyoni Lodge, Mpumalanga

Race #7: 22 & 23 October, Meerendal Wine Estate, Western Cape

Race #8: 19 & 20 November, Legends MX, Gauteng

For more information and to find your nearest Jeep Warrior event, visit the official website here, like the Warrior Race Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter

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