The Impi Challenge

Muddy trail running combined with fun, exhilarating obstacles

The Impi Challenge

Events are hosted throughout the year in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal and cater to a variety of fitness levels: elite athletes, runners of all abilities, kids and families looking for an adventure-filled sports experience.

Participants can enter individually or as part of a team (teams vary in size from 2 - 10 people. Although team members start together, they do not need to finish together).

Race Categories:

Impi Mini

The IMPI Mini course is designed for children aged 6-10 and is approximately 1 km long. Obstacle challenges include climbing through, over and under natural and man-made structures, wading through mud and running through water.

Impi Dash - Compacted challenge

Distance: 5 - 6 km with 7 - 9 obstacles

Age: 10 years and older

Impi Challenge - Challenge your fears

Distance: 11 - 12 km with 18-20 obstacles

Age: Entrants must be 18 years or older

Impi Elite - Are you tough enough?

Impi Elite is for athletes wanting to challenge their own level of all-round fitness, endurance, strength and mental grit. Competing in the Elite IMPI will give you a true sense of accomplishment and will test you on multiple levels and push your limits.

26 - 28 unique and original obstacles are designed over 20km of hills, mud, water, ropes, walls, and fire.

Impi Elites compete for R39,000 in prize money at each event. Top 3 Elite Men and Top 3 Elite Women qualify. Equal effort = equal prize money. In 2016, there's a new prize category for the first Elite male and Elite female over 45 years old with the best times.

Impi Challenge

2016 Impi Challenge Dates

Challenge #1: 25 & 26 March, Krugersdorp, Gauteng

Challenge #2: 9 & 10 April, Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Challenge #3: 4 June, Eston, KwaZulu Natal

For more information and to find your nearest Impi Challenge event, visit the official website here, like the Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter

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