Gansbaai, Western Cape

Gansbaai, a fishing town and popular tourist destination, is known for its dense population of great white sharks and as a whale-watching location. The main tourist attraction in Gansbaai, since approximately 1995, has been cage diving with great white sharks.

If you're brave enough to jump in the water with these colossal predators, cage diving excursions to Geyser and Dyer Island begin at Kleinbaai Harbour near Gansbaai. The channel between these islands, known as "Shark Alley", boasts the highest population of great white sharks in the world.

Scuba Gansbaai

While sharks are present year-round, the best time of year to view great white sharks is from June to September due to better water visibility. Other marine creatures encountered include klipfish, catfish, toadfish, stingrays, butterfly rays, eagle rays, sawfish and skates.

Shark Diving Unlimited

To find out more about scuba diving at Gansbaai, visit the Shark Diving Unlimited website.

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