Coffee Bay, Wild Coast

Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay was named after a ship carrying coffee beans came aground on the nearby coastline, losing its cargo of beans in the process. Although the beans never grew into coffee trees, the town's name stuck.

The kilometre-long beach is safe for swimming and offers one of the few consistent surfing waves on the Wild Coast. This beach also has some of the rarest cowries.

Apart from relaxing on the beach all day, one of the most interesting and popular things to do in Coffee Bay is to walk the Hole in the Wall hiking trail. The guided trail takes hikers through a series of stunning caves amongst the dolerite cliffs. The beautiful natural structure is the final destination of the trail, and it is well worth the hike.

Jahdrums, a local drum factory in Coffee Bay, is a fantastic cultural treat. Visitors to the factory can make their own drums or buy one of the gorgeous professionally made ones on offer. Jahdrums also has a quaint cafe, with a menu that sells simple yet delicious meals.

There are a range of accommodation options to choose from in Coffee Bay, ranging from camping, backpackers, self-catering cottages and hotels. To find out more, click here

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