Bikini Beach, Gordon's Bay

bikini beach

Gordon's Bay is a harbour town that is about a 45 minute drive south east from Cape Town.

The town is home to excellent beaches, including Bikini Beach, which is named after the many bikini-clad Stellenbosch students seen taking time out on the warm sands. It is also one of the many Blue Flag Beaches found in and around Cape Town.

Along the beachfront lies a stretch of pubs, cafes, shopping malls and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy a variety of meals or just relax and watch the sun set. Here you'll also find a range of quirky stores such as the popular Bikini Beach Bookshop, which sells both new and second-hand books. It is the perfect stop for a light-hearted, beach read. Sweet-natured stray cats are said to make the bookshelves their rest-stop for the day.

Apart from bustling beach life, visitors can also enjoy the nearby Helderberg Wine Route, with over 25 wineries and cellars, or find some quiet time with nature in the Nederburg Nature Reserve.

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