Augrabies Falls National Park, Northern Cape

The 28 000-hectare Augrabies Falls National Park is characterised by an 18km abyss of the Orange River Gorge and craggy outcrops that dominate the scrub-speckled plains.

The falls, which form the central feature of the park, is the major waterfall of the Orange River. In flood, the width of the waterfall extends over several kilometres with 19 minor falls tumbling into the 18km ravine. In full flood, the Orange River can fill the canyon and, in a truly epic event, the Augrabies Falls themselves can be almost submerged.

Augrabies Falls

Despite the arid conditions, the park is home to 49 mammal species, including giraffe, leopard, otter and various antelope; numerous bird species; and 41 reptile species, the most famous being Broadley’s flat lizard.

Activities in the park include self-drive game viewing, night drives, hiking trails, mountain biking and several panoramic viewpoints.

Accommodation in Augrabies Falls National Park includes caravan and camping sites, chalets, family cottages, and bungalows for persons with mobility impairments. Other facilities comprise three swimming pools, a picnic area, a shop and restaurant and conference venue.

  • Location: Augrabies Falls National Park, Augrabies, Northern Cape

  • Tel: +27 54 452 9200

To find out more about Augrabies Falls National Park, visit the SAN Parks website.

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