TABSA Introduces Neuroscience of Maths and Science Learning

TABSA brings new field in educational institutions worldwide to SA

Teachers Across Borders South Africa

Yunus Peer, Founder and Director of Teachers Across Borders South Africa

MAY 2017 - Teachers Across Borders Southern Africa (TABSA), now in its 17th year, is scheduled to conduct 2 workshops in South Africa in July 2017.

The 15-member TABSA team is made up of 10 Maths and Science Facilitators, and 5 support staff, all of whom are US educators and education administrators.

The 2017 TABSA team includes a learning specialist who is well-versed in different learning styles including the neuroscience of maths and science learning, a new and growing field in educational institutions worldwide.

Education is the Most Powerful Weapon

TABSA is a non-profit, volunteer-based organisation that epitomises Nelson Mandela's famous quote - "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Says Yunus Peer, Founder and Director of Teachers Across Borders South Africa, "TABSA was born from the legacy of Apartheid where the Bantu Education Act decreed that Mathematics and Science for black students was only necessary at an elementary level."

Based on agendas set by local teachers, TABSA offers world-class professional development for teachers and rural South African schools. The need for professional development of teachers in mathematics and science has been identified as most critical.

Says Yunus Peer, "These teachers face overwhelming odds every day and need our support more than anyone in the teaching field. TABSA aims to elevate the level of teaching and learning of Maths and Science in rural schools."

The TABSA workshops provide a platform where international and local teachers can work together to find innovative solutions to overcome these challenges. They are the teacher's teachers.

The workshops will be attended by 660 teachers - 420 from East London and 240 from Bloemfontein, and will impact over 120 000 students in rural South African schools. The lessons covered in the workshops are designed for large classes, using readily available, inexpensive and recyclable materials.


TABSA conducts hands-on, interactive workshops that are focused on helping local teachers to engage their students by utilising the limited resources available to them.


As part of its CSR portfolio, First Car Rental sponsors all TABSA Teacher Training transport in SA. This includes the use of minivans to take TABSA teachers into some of the most rural parts of South Africa.

To learn more about TABSA, visit our CSR Page or visit their website.

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