TABSA Driving Education in Southern Africa

June 2018 - First Car Rental provides transport to TABSA tutors whilst in South Africa. Teachers Across Borders Southern Africa (TABSA), now in its 18th year, is scheduled to conduct 3 week-long workshops for over 300 educators (teachers) in Bloemfontein from 25 June 2018.

The 18-member TABSA team is made up of 14 Maths and Science Facilitators, and 5 support staff, all of whom are US educators and education administrators.

First Car Rental TABSA

As part of its CSR portfolio, First Car Rental sponsors all TABSA Teacher Training transport in SA.

Each year, TABSA invites a group of teachers from the USA to volunteer their time and resources to prepare best teaching practices and innovative techniques to meet and exceed National Curriculum Standards. The lessons planned by TABSA are designed to use inexpensive, everyday resources to teach students in the absence of laboratories and equipment.

"We assist teachers and schools with limited resources by creating a curriculum that meets and exceeds the National Curriculum standards in maths and science," explains Yunus Peer, Founder and Director of Teachers Across Borders South Africa.

"Children in rural areas have no laboratories to work in, so we encourage teachers to use everyday materials, cooking ingredients and household materials or recyclable materials to create their experiments."


TABSA conducts hands-on, interactive workshops that are focused on helping local teachers to engage their students by utilising the limited resources available to them.

In addition to the lesson plans, TABSA has compiled a 2018 DVD containing a library of grade-appropriate, CAPS-relevant maths and science resources. Every year over 1000 of these DVDs are handed out for free.

"We are grateful for the co-operation and assistance of all TABSA friends in the US and Southern Africa who have helped make these professional development workshops happen every year since 2001!" says Peer.

To learn more about TABSA, visit our CSR Page or visit their website.

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