TABSA: Dedicated to Innovative Teaching

Teachers Across Borders

Teachers Across Borders Southern Africa (TABSA), started by Pauline Duncan and Yunus Peer, is now in its 17th year.

First Car Rental provides transport to TABSA tutors whilst in South Africa.

Each year, TABSA invites a group of best-qualified teachers from the USA to volunteer their time and resources to prepare best teaching practices and innovative techniques to meet and exceed National Curriculum Standards. The lessons planned by TABSA are designed to use inexpensive, everyday resources to teach students in the absence of laboratories and equipment

Teachers Across Borders South Africa

Ziphakamise's Leslie Maher (left) and TABSA Assistant Administrator, Laurie Lee, with the sponsored First Car Rental vehicle.

Alison Hobbie

"Teachers struggled tremendously with engaging their students in the classroom. Thus they were especially eager to be introduced to innovative ways of using everyday materials to add energy and connection to their presentation of content to their students."

In 2016, TABSA conducted five workshops in Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, and Swaziland. The workshop held in Swaziland was sponsored by UNICEF as part of Swaziland's national capacity building programme.

TABSA runs two coincident projects: setting up computer labs in rural schools across Southern Africa, and, together with official transport sponsor First Car Rental, managing a school uniform project and sanitary pad campaign for rural school children in need.

In 2017, TABSA has been invited to conduct maths and science workshops in East London, Bloemfontein, and Lesotho. All teachers who attend the workshops are provided with workshop materials and free lessons available online.

Reflections from the 2016 TABSA workshops

Aviva Halani
"Words do not seem adequate to describe the camaraderie I feel when working with the 2016 team, the joy I felt dancing with the local teachers at the gala we had in Port Elizabeth, the pride I felt when hearing how a South African teacher changed her pedagogy after our workshops last year, or the admiration I feel for the Swazi teachers who are dedicated to teaching even though the drought threatens to close schools due to the lack of water for sanitation."

Katie Jackson
"The strength, resilience, perseverance, courtesy, kindness, and quiet dignity of the South African and Swazi teachers humbled and impressed me. I realised I have nothing to complain about ever again in my American classroom stocked with materials, resources, and knowledge a computer click away."

For more information on TABSA please visit our CSR page.

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