The Rhino Orphanage

The Rhino Orphanage

First Car Rental is a proud supporter of The Rhino Orphanage. We have added a 'please donate' button on our car hire booking portal, so that customers can donate to The Rhino Orphanage when booking a car through First Car Rental.

The Rhino Orphanage

The Rhino Orphanage Nissan Juke

About The Rhino Orphanage

The Rhino Orphanage is the first specialist, dedicated, non-commercial centre in the world that cares for orphaned or injured baby rhino with the only aim of releasing them back into the wild.

It was created as the result of a lack of a specialised place for rearing baby rhino left orphaned as a consequence of the current poaching crisis which feeds the illegal trade in horns.

The Rhino Orphanage is based in Limpopo province and currently looks after 10 rhino orphans - 11 White Rhino babies and 1 Black Rhino baby. Their ages range from 6 - 24 months old.

The Rhino Orphanage has been established as a not-for-profit charity (Section 21 company in South Africa) with all donations going directly to fund the centre and the care and rehabilitation of the rhino.

The Rhino Orphanage

A selfie with The Rhino Orphanage Nissan Juke

At the beginning of 2014, First Car Rental launched a 10-month campaign aimed at raising national awareness of The Rhino Orphanage.

The campaign - called 'Post Your Selfie & Win' - encouraged people to take a selfie with one of the specially-wrapped Rhino Orphanage Nissan Jukes, and then post to their social media to stand the chance of winning a holiday voucher worth R20,000. One prize for the 'most creative selfie' and one decided by lucky draw.

Campaign Reach

The 'Post Your Selfie & Win' campaign reached over 2.7 million people on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

Facebook likes for the Rhino Orphanage increased by 125.23%, from 9 158 to 20 627. Twitter followers for the Rhino Orphanage increased by 163.61%, from 1061 to 2 797

To find out who the winners were, click here.

Customers wishing to donate to The Rhino Orphanage through First Car Rental can do so when booking a rental vehicle online here.

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