Single Passport Proposed for SADC Countries

April 2017 - The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has announced plans to introduce a regional law that could see all SADC countries holding a common passport. This could see borders within the SADC regions become obsolete for travellers.

SADC Passport

The SADC passport will become an international travel document across the globe.

The plans for an SADC passport emerged following the introduction of an African Union (AU) passport for dignitaries and officials. The AU passport was launched at the African Union Summit that took place in Rwanda in July last year, with the ultimate plan to extend the travel documents to all Africans.

The major advantage to the much-anticipated passport is that it could give South Africa, as well as the rest of the SADC countries, the right to travel across borders within the region using a single passport.

The SADC passport would act as a vehicle to ending the challenges faced by immigration creating a borderless region and continent.

The SADC passport could become the continent's most powerful passport, with countries like South Africa, Mauritius and Seychelles ranking highly in the number of countries citizens can travel to visa-free.

Current SADC countries include:

 • Angola  • Malawi  • Seychelles
 • Botswana  • Mauritius  • Tanzania
 • Democrati Republic of Congo  • Mozambique  • Swaziland
 • Lesotho  • Namibia  • Zambia
 • Madagascar  • South Africa  • Zimbabwe

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