The Rhino Orphanage

Kelly Fraser's selfie, taken at Race the Rhino MTB Challenge in September, was judged 'the most creative'. Emily Fernandez, who posted her selfie at the Global March for Elephants and Rhino, won the lucky draw.

Launched in February this year, the campaign objective was to raise national awareness for the world's first non-profit rhino orphanage by getting as many people as possible to take a selfie with one of four specially-design-wrapped Nissan Jukes.

Over the last 10 months, these Nissan Jukes, wrapped to look like a mom rhino with her baby, have been travelling across South Africa to play a leading role at 16 of the country's biggest events.

Says Melissa Storey, Executive Head of Strategy, Development and Marketing at First Car Rental, "The Rhino Orphanage campaign reached over 2.7 million people since its launch in February. We also received hundreds of selfies and youies showing that people really care and want to help raise awareness of The Rhino Orphanage and the plight of rhino in general.

"Thank you to all those people who have spread the message of The Rhino Orphanage by posting amazing selfies! You are truly purple-hearted people."

Competition Reach

The competition reached over 2.7 million people on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Instagram. Facebook likes for the Rhino Orphanage increased by 125.23%, from 9 158 to 20 627. Twitter followers for the Rhino Orphanage increased by 163.61%, from 1061 to 2 797

The Rhino Orphanage

First Car Rental and The Rhino Orphanage would like to thank all of you that took the time and effort to take and send your selfies. With people like you around, we have a chance at saving our precious wildlife.

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