Q&A with Bruce Barritt

CMH's Executive Director sheds some light on the company, the motor industry and his bucket list destinations.

We have seen our company go from strength to strength, do you have plans to expand the groups' dealership network and brand representation further?

Definitely, CMH continues to look for expansion opportunities all the time.

How many cars (on average) does CMH have for sale at any given time?

About 10 000

To what do you attribute the growth of your company?

Passion and Pride and a determination to succeed and provide top-class service to the customer base in our sector.

From your point of view, what are the main factors affecting the used car market?

The stagnant and economic decline of the past 10 years. Political uncertainty also affects the Psyche of the consumer causing the "squirrel" syndrome.

And what do you think the future holds in general for the motor industry?

Technological change and a global push away from fossil fuels to electric and hydrogen.

On a more personal note, Which country do you most enjoy visiting, and why?

Anywhere in Africa in the bush. Total cleanse of the Soul.

We're sure you don't have a lot of spare time. But when you do, how do you spend it?

With my family.

Finally, what's on top of your bucket list?

Alaska, The Northern Lights and to take all 3 of my grandsons fishing on the Zambezi and educate them on their roots.

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