Namibia scraps business visa for South Africans

June 2016 - South African passport holders will no longer be required to apply for a visa when going on a business trip to Namibia.

Namibia business visas

Namibia first introduced the business-related visa, called the Conference and Meetings Visa, in March this year. Since then, however, the country has seen a decrease in corporate visitor numbers, leading to it revoking the visa earlier this month.

"The requirement introduced in March basically separated visitors entering Namibia for meetings and conferencing reasons from those visiting as tourists. They will now be merged and no visa is required for either travelling purpose," Cristina Cicognani, Cape Town area manager for Namibia Tourism, told eTNW.

From now on, South Africans travelling to Namibia on business or holiday will be issued with a Visitor's Entry Permit (VEP) at the Namibian port of entry. This permit will clearly state their reason for visiting the country.

  • Below is a list of possible reasons for visiting Namibia for business or tourism purposes, which therefore do not require a visa:

• Holiday

• Visiting friends or relatives

• Attending workshops (not as facilitator)

• Attending meetings

• Exploring business opportunities

• Medical treatment

• Any other purpose other than employment of any kind

Travelling to Namibia with children under 18? Read our guide to South Africa's child travel laws here.

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