Which Travel Trends excite you?

As one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries, the world of travel has evolved significantly, and it's showing no signs of slowing down in years to come.

People will always pursue travel in new and exciting ways as the world of travel evolves with travel ideals packaged to suit people who wish to see the world differently.

Below are the latest international travel trends happening around the world in 2018:

  • Sustainable Tourism

    1. Sustainable Tourism

    Sustainable tourism is defined by UNESCO as "tourism that respects local people, the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment." One of the most common forms of sustainable tourism is ecotourism, which seeks to promote a positive nature experience while minimising impact on the environment and increasing environmental and cultural awareness.

  • Adventure Holiday

    2. Adventure Holidays

    More and more travellers are becoming thrill-seekers, combining nature, culture and adventure activities on their holidays. Travellers attach more value to experiences than material matters, driving a bucket list with more heart-pounding activities like diving with sharks, trekking through the jungle or bungee jumping off the highest bridge.

  • Solo Travel

    3. Solo Travel

    A prominent trend is the idea of solo travel. Going on an adventure alone offers incredible opportunities to embrace experiences more personally, leaving your comfort zone to make friends along the way, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

  • Heritage Holidays

    4. Heritage Holidays

    A growing travel trend is to explore countries and their cultural heritage - travelling to experience places, artefacts and activities that represent stories and people of the past. Heritage tours include cultural, natural and historic resources.

  • Multigenerational Travel

    5. Multigenerational Travel

    For those who don't yearn for travelling alone, many travellers plan all-encompassing trips to destinations that have something for everyone, from kids to teenagers to parents and grandparents. Travel is no longer just about the destination, but also the people with whom memories are made.

  • Glamping

    6. Glamping

    Many travel to explore the wonders of Mother Nature, but few are happy sleeping on the floor. Glamping combines the outdoors with modern conveniences, ensuring travellers can enjoy unique parts of the world without sacrificing creature comforts. Venturing into the wilderness and sleeping in luxury tents is becoming hugely popular.

  • Voluntourism

    7. Voluntourism

    An increasing trend in travel is to give back to the world - collecting good karma along the journey. The idea of volunteer tourism seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the places travellers visit. Travellers engage in meaningful activities all the while exploring their holiday destinations.

  • Wellness Holiday

    8. Wellness Holidays

    With the emergence of more resorts offering guests everything from spa treatments to yoga, more travellers pursue destinations and activities that promote health and wellness. Silence and relaxation reduce stress and boost happiness, driving the rise in travelling for wellness.

  • Travel with Locals

    9. Travelling with Locals

    Many travellers place importance on finding accommodation, particularly guesthouses, with a host that has a great deal of local knowledge. Learning from a local, travellers experience their destinations in their purest form - finding the best deals, the finest restaurants, and lesser-known attractions.

  • Nostalgic Destinations

    10. Nostalgic Destinations

    In addition to wanting new experiences, many travellers want to experience childhood memories and return to favourite family destinations. The popularity of nostalgic destinations is driven by precious memories and wanting to see these destinations from another perspective.

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