FlySafair Champion Girl Fly Programme in Africa

GFPA Foundation

July 2018 - First Car Rental's airline partner, FlySafair, as part of its mission to empower women in aviation, has signed on as a platinum sponsor for the Girl Fly Programme in Africa (GFPA) Foundation's 2018 Aviation and Space Camp.

This programme has introduced more than 120 high school girls from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to the aviation and space industry.

The GFPA Foundation was established by Women and Aviation (W&A), an organisation dedicated to the sustainable economic empowerment, leadership and personal development of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

W&A also continuously honour the unique history of women in aviation and space and document their achievements. Through their GFPA foundation, they aim to empower the next generation of aviation and space leaders in Africa.


Says FlySafair CEO, Elmar Conradie, about joining the event as a platinum sponsor, "We are committed to empowering women in aviation. We believe it is important to introduce young girls to the aviation industry and broaden their educational experiences, expand their career options and hopefully look to join the industry when they are older."

The camp will also expose young women to technology currently impacting the aviation industry, including robotics, coding, Artificial Intelligence (AI), emerging industry technology, recreational aviation, and simulator flights.

"The girls are going to learn so much at this camp and we are very excited to be part of their learning experience," Conradie concludes.

For more information on W&A and the Girl Fly Programme in Africa, visit

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