Toyota SA Awards First Car Rental Gold Status Club Membership

July 2017 - First Car Rental is proud to announce that it has achieved Gold in the Car Rental Category at the Toyota Status Club Awards, held in Sun City this June. The award is in recognition of First Car Rental as a major purchaser of Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Status Club Award

First Car Rental General Manager (Fleet, Finance, Damage), Russell Mckay (second from left), accepts the award on behalf of First Car Rental.

First Car Rental Fleet

First Car Rental's fleet boasts a wide range of rental cars for hire.

Our vehicles are stylish, reliable, comfortable and offer excellent value for money. Our vehicle groups cater to all travel needs, from budget vehicles for daily travel, to passenger vans for convenient group travel, to luxury vehicles for the ultimate driving and travel experience.

First Car Rental continues to purchase various makes and models of vehicles per car group to satisfy individual preferences.

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