First Car Rental opens in Tanzania

First Car Rental Tanzania

First Car Rental has expanded its operations in Africa by launching new business units in Tanzania.

The new business units are in Tanzania's largest city, Dar es Salaam, as well as an operational presence in Arusha, the Mwanza Region and Zanzibar.

First Car Rental Tanzania

Melissa Nortje, Executive Head of Strategy, Development and Marketing at First Car Rental, with Moustafa H. Khataw, the business unit owner of First Car Rental Tanzania

The new business units form part of First Car Rental's car hire partnership with Moustafa H. Khataw, the CEO of Uniglobe Skylink Travel, previously a network partner to Avis and now the brand new but still the market leader: First Car Rental Tanzania.

Says Khataw, “We are witnessing an increase in flight frequency, new airlines and more hotels opening up in many parts of the country, which is a good indicator of economic growth, therefore it makes sense to partner with a well-managed and growing car rental enterprise such as First Car Rental.

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"Their systems expertise and functionality and operational efficiencies are better suited to our fast-paced and growing industry.

"Their managing team are all decision-makers within their departments so there is no lag. It is fantastic and I look forward to a long beneficial relationship.”

First Car Rental Tanzania

A First Car Rental vehicle outside the five-star Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam

First Car Rental Tanzania has a good selection of 4x4 vehicles, which are popular in the country, plus a handful of budget and passenger vans.

They also offer full range of car hire services, including short and long-term car rental, direct transfers, and chauffeur drive packages.

One of the new Tanzania business units is located within the five-star Hyatt Regency Hotel building in the heart of Dar es Salaam with superb views of the city's harbour and Indian Ocean.

There is also a branch presence at Dar es Salaam's Julius Nyerere International Airport ensuring visitors to Tanzania have easy access to First Car Rental.

The latest expansion into Africa adds to First Car Rental's existing business units, namely Mauritius, Malta and Turkey.

First Car Rental Tanzania

First Car Rental's car hire fleet in Tanzania

Bruce Barritt, Managing Director at First Car Rental, comments - “We are very excited to be adding First Car Rental business units in Tanzania, which is a growing East African country in the African Great Lakes region.

"This addition to our international family is a much needed expansion based on demand from South Africa to Tanzania and vice versa.”

Says Melissa Nortje, Executive Head: Strategy, Development & Marketing at First Car Rental, “First Car Rental will provide First Car Rental Tanzania with various system tools within the next few months, allowing our customers a seamless process irrespective of international borders.

"It has been a pleasure setting up the units and working alongside Mr Khataw and his team who are market leaders within the Tanzanian travel-industry.

I believe that their move from a red: “we try harder” to a passionate purple: “first in car hire, first in service” will be a great one.”

To find out more about First Car Rental Tanzania and to hire a car today, visit the website at, email or phone +255 756 885 588.

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