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First Car Rental provides official transport solutions to #Stellenblog week

Stellenbosch Experience

April 2016 - From 18 to 22 April 2016, six well-known international and local travel, lifestyle and food bloggers will descend on Stellenbosch as part of the Stellenbosch Experience, an annual tourism initiative to raise global awareness of the region as a world-class travel destination.

First Car Rental is the official transport solutions provider for the 2016 Stellenbosch Experience #Stellenblog and is proud to be a gold sponsor in this initiative.

The bloggers will be introduced to Stellenbosch's diverse food, wine, adventure, art, design, shopping and history. They'll then share their unique stories with their global audiences creating inbound local and international tourism into the area.

The campaign, developed by Destinate in partnership with Stellenbosch Wine Routes and Stellenbosch 360, is a powerful way to generate unique, targeted content that is read by millions of people worldwide.

Meet the six bloggers:

This year, the bloggers will be staying at a secret villa on a Stellenbosch wine farm and be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Stellenbosch way of life. Tailor-made itineraries have been designed around each blogger and their readership, and each day will involve a few surprise elements, which aims to challenge the traditional perceptions of Stellenbosch.

The bloggers are:

  • Meruschka Govende

    1. Meruschka Govender - Mzansigirl (South Africa)

    Meruschka is a travel blogger, freelance travel writer and social media strategist. She says her mission is to inspire South Africans and the rest of the world to explore Africa. Her blog - - tells the story of her travels around South Africa. Her musings are insightful, informative and fun.


    Follow Meruschka's journey on social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Twiggy Moli

    2. Twiggy Moli - Sleepless in Soweto (South Africa)

    Twiggy and her sister, Sedi, founded lifestyle blog - The blog has grown from being a simple personal space to share cool fashion photos to a platform showcasing Twiggy and Sedi's obsession with beauty, travel, food, fashion and photography. Sleepless in Soweto also offers a glimpse of the sisters' adventures together around Johannesburg.


    Follow Twiggy's journey on social media: Twitter or Instagram.

  • Kiersten Rich

    3. Kiersten Rich - The Blonde Abroad (USA)

    Kiersten describes herself as bikini obsessed. She also happens to be an award-winning female travel & lifestyle blogger focusing on food, fashion and photography.


    Follow Kiersten's journey on social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Luiz Hara

    4. Luiz Hara - The London Foodie (UK)

    Luiz is an Italian-Japanese Brazilian chef who made London his home over 20 years ago. Passionate about good food, wine and travel, Luiz has been writing as The London Foodie since 2009.


    Follow Luiz's journey on social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Rob Lloyd

    5. Rob Lloyd - Stop Having A Boring Life (USA)

    Rob lives his mantra; "Stop having a boring life!". He's a travel blogger who gave up everything to travel full time and find his favourite place in the world, which is currently Little Corn Island in Nicaragua.


    Follow Rob's journey on social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Marvin Schonberg

    6. Marvin Schonberg - Niedblog (Germany)

    The Niedblog couple, Alex and Sandra, are world travellers, based in Frankfurt, Germany, and hailed as one of Europe's most influential blogs for luxury travel and couple experiences. They describe themselves as dreamers, writers, discoverers, photographers, romantics and globetrotters.


    Follow Marvin's journey on social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

To find out more about the Stellenbosch Experience, visit the website here, like them on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter here or Instagram here.

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