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National State of Emergency - 35 Day Lockdown!

Critical Support Services during Covid-19.

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Latest Repatriation News on Collection Points


We have been advised by the German Embassy in Pretoria and Cape Town that the following arrangements have been made to facilitate your trip back home.

Cape Town
All passengers to meet at the GREEN POINT STADIUM in Cape Town
Address: Fritz Sonnenberg Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

All passengers to meet at the GERMAN SCHOOL in Pretoria. Times have not been confirmed yet.
Address German School: Simon Vermooten Rd, The Willows, Pretoria, 0041

A First Car Rental / Sixt Employee will be available to receive your rental vehicle. PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR THE FIRST CAR RENTAL BANNER, OUR TEAM WILL BE THERE TO ASSIST YOU.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact our contact centre on 0861 178 227

When was the country-wide Lock-Down effective?

26 March 23h59

We cannot guarantee that the lock-down will not be extended - so the above is just an indication and current timeframe as per the South African Government as at time of publication of this page.

Which Branches will be operational?

All branches will be on lock-down.

We are able to provide car rental from a limited amount of branches in major cities only to companies who qualify as Critical/Essential services, they will need the correct permits to make use of this facility.

How do I return my rental vehicle?

All vehicles had to be returned by March 26th 2020, before the nationwide lock-down.

What happens if I did not return my rental vehicle before the above date and time?

You should keep the rental vehicle parked in a safe location, as any damage would be for your own account.

You will also be charged for the days you have the vehicle, until such time as the country-wide lock-down is over.

What if I have government clearance to utilise a vehicle during lock-down?

This is the only instance where you are able to continue with your rental vehicle as booked, and normal debtors and payment procedures apply.

You are also able to call our Call Centre for new reservations, but they will qualify your request and ensure correct permits are in place.

Who can I contact for further assistance during lock-down?

Our key support departments for customers continuing their rentals during the lockdown, will operate from home:

Roadside Assistance : 0860 888 911

Customer Service: Log queries here

Call Centre: 0861 178 227 (8am - 5pm)

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