First Car Rental's holding company raises funds for school

CMH Group

A total of R250 000 has been raised for CMH's adopted school.

July 2014 – Thanks to the heart-warming efforts of staff at Combined Motor Holdings Group (CMH) and First Car Rental, a total of R250 000 has been raised for CMH's adopted school, KwaMakhuta Comprehensive High School, in KwaZulu-Natal.

KwaMakhuta Comprehensive

First Car Rental delivers PCs to KwaMakhuta Comprehensive.

The funds have been spent on upgrading facilities at the school under CMH's Adopt-A-School programme, which aims to enhance the educational environment for learners by modernising facilities at selected schools in rural areas.

CMH is planning on spending a further R150 000 on completing upgrades to KwaMakhuta Comprehensive, the first beneficiary of the Adopt-A-School programme, bringing the project's total when finished to R400 000.

CMH and First Car Rental embrace project

CMH and First Car Rental staff have embraced the project by donating to the KwaMakhuta Comprehensive via deductions from their monthly salaries.

CMH then matches all staff contributions Rand for Rand, effectively doubling the amount donated through staff.

CMH Adopt a School

The school's old science lab before upgrades.

Upgrades to the school to date:

9 PCS donated in May 2014

Supplied new teaching aids and technical equipment for science and maths (some equipment was 30 years old)

Sponsored sports gear for 3 of the school's soccer teams

Plans drawn up for a new science lab and costing for a quantity surveyor

Plans for the science lab are in the final stages now, with all building work having been completed. All that remains for the lab to be fully functional is to buy new furniture and lab equipment.

We have added a donation option to our online booking portal so when hiring a car through First Car Rental you can also help KwaMakhuta Comprehensive if you wish to do so.

If you want to donate to KwaMakhuta Comprehensive, you can do so when hiring a car through First Car Rental here.

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