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August 2019 - Combined Motor Holdings (CMH) Group, the JSE-listed, motor industry giant, represents some of the top vehicle brands in the world.

Through a network of over 65 dealerships across South Africa, CMH specialises in the sale of both new cars and pre-owned vehicles for the passenger and commercial markets.

Here is a look at the leading vehicle brands the CMH Group represents and the key to the Group's continued success as one of the leading motor retail dealerships in South Africa.

CMH Brands

CMH Group holds franchises for the sale of 19 different vehicle brands in South Africa. They include:

CMH Datsun
CMH Ford
CMH Haval
CMH Honda
CMH Isuzu
CMH Jaguar
CMH Land Rover
CMH Lexus
CMH Mazda
CMH Mitsubishi
CMH Nissan
CMH Opel
CMH Renault
CMH Subaru
CMH Suzuki
CMH Toyota
CMH Volvo
CMH UD Trucks

CMH Motor Dealership Structure

Each CMH dealership operates as a free-standing business under the leadership of a dealer principal. Within each dealership the following departments are headed up by a department manager: new vehicle sales, used vehicle sales, service, parts, finance and insurance, and administration. The number of employees in a branch varies from 10 to 100 depending on the size of the branch.

Each franchise has a dedicated franchise manager responsible for overseeing the operations of all branches within that franchise and for communications with franchise manufacturers.

Each branch is also overseen by a regional accountant and a regional finance and insurance manager. These senior managers are independent of individual branches and provide an independent control and reporting line to the members of the Exco.

CMH - Powered by Passion

With over 46 years of experience, financial acumen and commitment to upholding the highest standards of service excellence, CMH has always lead from the front.

Despite the difficult economic climate, CMH vehicle sales increased by 1.9% this year, and the group has been able to consistently stay ahead of competition.

The key driving factor to CMH Group's continued success in the motor retail sector has been their commitment to customer support and service. CMH offers customers expert advice on all matters relating to vehicle sales, both through a team of in-house representatives and through their network of dealerships.

Says Steve Atkinson, Franchise Director at CMH Group, "At CMH, service and customer support are far more important than price in driving vehicles sales. Price is an important consideration and ensures that a customer makes the first contact, but after that sales support and service become the key purchase drivers.

The relationship and level of service received from a sales consultant or specific dealer are much better indicators of sales success and return business than the sales price."

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