Cape Town Water Restrictions at Level 5

November 2017- Cape Town is currently amid a very serious drought. Insufficient rainfall and fast declining dam levels have led to the current water crisis.

Cape Town Dam Levels

Due to the continuing drought, consumption needs to be reduced even further. Since July, drought-stricken Cape Town has asked residents to get used to the 'new normal' of using no more than 87 litres of municipal drinking water per person per day.

87 Litres

The current restrictions necessitate a ban on the use of municipal drinking water for use outside and non-essential purposes. These include the following:

  • • No irrigation or watering
  • • No hosing down of paved surfaces
  • • No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats
  • • No filling of private swimming pools
  • • Use of portable play pools prohibited
  • • The use of municipal drinking water for water fountains or water features is prohibited

To help save water, report water issues, faults and offences to the City of Cape Town.

Water Fault Reporting

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