The Fast, Efficient Dream Team - FlySafair & First Car Rental

July 2019 - The Dream Team - First Car Rental and exclusive flight partner, FlySafair, are helping travellers check-in and check-out of South African airports in a flash.

Here's how:

FlySafair Check-In Rangers

FlySafair has introduced an innovative way to speed up their passenger check-in process with the help of Check-In Rangers.

Check-in Rangers are members of the FlySafair crew who assist passengers with their check-in, printing of their boarding passes and tags for their bags.

Passengers can identify the rangers by individuals wearing distinctive pink Stetsons and pink sashes. The rangers are equipped with two printing devices in holsters, a tag generator and a check-in machine.

This allows them to print passengers boarding passes and tag their bags simultaneously. Passengers can then drop their bags at the check-in desk and head to security immediately.

Says FlySafair's Head of Sales and Distribution, Kirby Gordon, "Our innovative IT team has been working tirelessly to get this process off the ground, and we're proud that we're finally able to implement it at our airports, to the benefit of our customers. We needed a way for passengers to find the rangers as quickly and as easily as possible at the airport, hence the sashes and the holsters."

FlySafair Check-In Ranger

Look out for FlySafair's Check-In Rangers at the Airport.

First Car Rentals Self-Service Car Hire Check-Out

All 52 First Car Rental branches nationwide offer over-the-counter service and Self-Service.

Once passengers hop off their FlySafair flight, they can head straight to First Car Rental airport branch and using one of the Self-Service Touchscreens, they can check their pre-booked rental car out in less than a minute or two. It's quick, easy and efficient, also offering renters independence, convenience and speed.

First Car Rental Self-Service Terminals

Renters can book their vehicles through any of the usual methods - through the website, a car rental agent, or the First Car Rental booking app.

When you arrive at a First Car Rental branch, go directly to a Self-Service touchscreen monitor and the technology will capture your driver's licence and prompt you to check your renter-profile details. Then choose a car from the selection offered on the screen, and sign on the screen to finalise your checkout.

The Self-Service stations allow you to do everything from check your renter-profile details, upgrade vehicles, and even add additional extras such as windscreen and tyre waivers at a mere touch of a screen.

Says Melissa Nortje - Executive Head of Strategy, Development and Marketing at First Car Rental, "The easy-to-use Self-Service technology saves our renters time and eliminates a long check-out process. You book online, you utilise self-service checkout, and you return your rental at the end of your contract - it's that simple."

Just make your way to our branch, fly through self-service checkout, and you are on the road in no time.

Read First Car Rental's Self-Service Car Hire Guide to find out more.

Hop off your flight and head to First Car Rental's airport branches for quick, conveninent and affordable car hire.

First in Car Hire. First in Service.