2019 New Year Celebrations

January 2019 - People around the world have their own ideas of what good New Year celebrations entail.

Whether you celebrated at a party, had a braai with mates or just enjoyed a relaxed evening with your nearest and dearest, we hope your 2019 New Year Celebration was everything you wanted it to be and more!

Below, First Car Rental brings you highlights of the 2019 New Year celebrations from around the world.

new year india 2019

Ahmedabad, India

new year greece 2019

Athens, Greece

new year thailand 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

new year china 2019

Beijing, China

new year cairo 2019

Cairo, Egypt

new year dubai 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

new year scotland 2019

Edinburgh, Scotland

new year karachi 2019

Karachi, Pakistan

new year kuala lumpur 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

new year london 2019

London, England

new year philippines 2019

Manila, Philippines

new year moscow 2019

Moscow, Russia

new year nairobi 2019

Nairobi, Kenya

new year new york 2019

New York, USA

new year prague 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

new year brazil 2019

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

new year sydney 2019

Sydney, Australia

new year hong kong 2019

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

new year chile 2019

Vina Del Mar, Chile

new year indonesia 2019

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

First Car Rental's wish for you in the new year is happiness, prosperity and many more kilometres travelled with us!

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