First Car Rental Supports Teachers Across Borders

Teachers Across Borders

First Car Rental is the official transport sponsor for the annual Teachers Across Borders Workshops across Southern Africa.

First Car Rental provides multiple vehicles for the teachers attending the workshops across South Africa.

Teachers Across Borders South Africa is a non-profit, volunteer-based organisation that works towards assisting teachers in their professional development.

By connecting experienced teachers from the United States with those working in rural communities in South Africa, who face everyday challenges that are often much greater than their colleagues from urban schools, the organisation strives to create innovative and inspiring educational workshops in which teachers can share what they have learned with each other, particularly in Mathematics and Physical Science.

Changing Communities through Education

Teachers Across Borders South Africa

Yunus Peer, Founder and Director of Teachers Across Borders South Africa

Teachers Across Borders South Africa (TABSA) was founded in 2001 by Yunus Peer under the guidance of Kader Asmal, who was at the time the South African Education Minister.

Mr Peer currently works at the Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is the same school that US President Barack Obama attended during his early years growing up in Hawaii.

Since inception, over 5 000 teachers from Southern Africa have attended the TABSA workshops and the project has impacted more than a million pupils in rural schools.

Says Mr Peer, "More than 100 US teachers have accompanied me to South Africa, most are full time teachers who give up their summers to volunteer their time to work with their South African colleagues.

"We have also started a computer lab project in partnership with Cornell University. TABSA now has 8 computer labs in rural schools serving 4 000 students per year."

Together with official transport sponsor First Car Rental, TABSA also manages a school uniform project and sanitary pad campaign for rural school children in need; more than 500 children have been provided school uniforms, and over 60 schools have been impacted by the sanitary pad campaign.

TABSA's Mission

Teachers Across Borders South Africa

Thousands of Southern African teacherts have attended TABSA workshops.

The "Teachers Teaching Teachers" workshop programmes are designed help maths and science teachers in rural Southern African schools to meet and exceed the standards of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

First Car Rental applauds the teachers participating in this workshop and wishes TABSA all success.

Most importantly, these interactive programmes are developed to train local teachers to eventually lead the workshops.

Attending teachers receive a wealth of information in Physical Science and Mathematics subjects from 60 volunteer educators and subject advisors who are the best in their particular fields, as well as an offline CD containing a library of South African curriculum specific lessons.


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